previously Bloomfield

In the early eighteen hundreds, David Craig owned 320 acres of land in Wayne Township. Within this acreage was a beautiful hilltop which he thought would be a suitable location for a village. Mr. Craig purchased the quarter(half) section of land on which Bloomfield was platted from the United States Government on May 15th, 1811 (September 20, 1808). On March 20th,1816 with the help of Henry Rickey, he laid out the town of Bloomfield(now Bloomingdale), hoping that sometime it would become the county seat. That dream failed to materialize by one vote. Mr. Craig named the town after his favorite author, Robert Bloomfield. It was laid out in 69 lots, 60x180 feet. The name of the town was changed from Bloomfield to Bloomingdale in 1955, due to several towns in Ohio sharing the name Bloomfield and the resulting mail problems.

Submitted by Jeff Copeland from the"Brief History Of Bloomfield, Ohio",Prepared on the 150th birthday of Bloomfield "1966" by Mary Copeland

"Bold" Corrections made by David W. Koester, along with the addition of the graphic of the land purchase.

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