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[List 20 A] A List of Palatine Passengers on Board the Ship Pensilvania merchant, John Stedman, Commander, from Totterdam. [Qualified Sept. 11, 1732.] (Pennsylvania German Pioners Strassburger Vol 1. pg. 66.) Philip Cavel - Maria Cavel - Barbara Cabal.

(No Abraham Cable found on this list..history states Abraham son of Philip & Maria Cable came with the family from Switzerland. He must have come before the family or after.)

[List 20 B] Palatines imported in the Ship Pensylvania Merchant, of London, John Stedman, Mr., from Rotterdam, but last from Plymouth, p. clearance thence. Qualified Sept. 11, 1732. - Filbs Keblle.

PHILIP CABLE ( -1780) *

(1) PHILIP CABLE- (Kable), as it is registered at Germantown Pa. and on the record in Germany. Philip and his wife Maria (BRADY) Cable fled from the Palatinate, County of Wittgenstein, Germany during the great persecu- tions following the Treaties of Westphalia (1648). Arrived in America on the "Pennsylvania Merchant" on 11 Sep. 1732. Philip and family settled in Germantown in 1732. (A section of Philadelphia, Pa.). Philip and Maria on arriving at Germantown soon were attracted to the Brethren in the Germantown Church. About 1735 or 1736, Philip and Maria were attracted to Conrad Beissel and his preaching. They soon affiliated them-selves with the Beissel movement and moved near Ephrata after Beissel began his work there. Philip died near York, Pennsylvania and is buried there. His will is recorded in the York Courthouse; in it the following children are mentioned: Barbara BEISEL, Abraham, Benjamin, Jacob who married Salome NEAL. [PENN. ARCHIVES, show a man named Philip CABLE living in Bedford Co. Pa. 3RD. SERIES OF PENN. ARCHIVES, show a man named Philip CABLE who was a Capt. of the first company, second battalion, Beford Co. militia as of 12 May 1786, and also that a Captain Philip CABLE was a prisoner of war some time after 1780...Philip CAEBEL (or CAEBEL) of Warrington Twp. York co. Pa. made his will on 29 Jan. 1780, probated in York Co. court on 28 March 1780. Will Book # E. Pg. 78. This will mentions wife, Mary (who was then alive) children as Abraham; Benjamin;Barbara, who married a BYSEL; Jacob; and Salome, who married a NEALE. A mention was made in the will of some donation to the Brethren at Ephrata. TAX LISTS OF YORK CO. PA. Philp KEIBIL in Warrington Twp. York Co. Pa. in the year 1762. A search for tombstones on Philip & wife Maria Cable in York Co. could not be found.

[Info from: Cable history Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 From: (Betty Perry)

The date when Philip moved his family to Ephrata was 1735 (not 1736). I have visited the Ephrata Cloister which is now a state historical site. It has been beautifully maintained. Tours of the grounds are given. There are artifacts on display. There is a office where heavy work has been and is being done to sort all the cloister records. I located files on the Cable family, as well as correlate families. Because my time was limited, after my departure, they took my list of wanted files and sent me copies. There is a book about the cloister that I bought there, "The Ephrata Commune, An Early American Counterculture", by E. G. Alderfer. The sect represented there was the Seventh Day German Baptist Brethren, which is a derivative of the Mennonite faith. This commune was the first Protestant cloister in the U,S., with brothers and sisters (monks & nuns) living a spartan existence.] (Note; Germantown Penn. the first organized German settlement in America, now called Germantown. Thirteen families from Frefeld, Germany arrived in the New World on 6 Oct. 1683.  Some of the families were: GEN. VON STUBEN, CARL SCHURG, THOMAS KUNDER, JAN LUKEN, WESTINGHOUSE, EISENHOWER, UPDEGRADE, DANIEL PASTORIUS,& PERSHING.)

Issue of Philip & Maria (Brady ) Cable:

(2) 1. BARBARA CABLE, b. 1727 Switzerland, m. 1752 Philip BEISEL,son of Peter Beisel, and brother of Philip & Rev. Conrad Beisel. (The spelling of Bysel is used in Phillips' will) *

(2) 2. ABRAHAM CABLE, b. 1729 Switzerland, m. Mary V. MAGDELENE.

(2) 3. JACOB CABLE, b. 1733 , m. Salome Cable, Mr NEEL, married second to Frederick Shaulis.

(2) 4. BEMJAMIN CABLE, b. 173_ d. 1798 Milford Twp. York Co.Pa. (Now Somerset Co) m. Mary __________. (Capt. Benjamin in York Co. Pa. 5 Apr 1778).


In the name of God Amen I P''ilip Cabel of Warenton township and county of York and Province of Pennsylva being Sick in body butt in perfect mind and membory I do macke this my last will and testament in manner and form following. I committ my soul into the hands of Almitly God who gave it and my body to the earth to be bured in a defand manner at the descrechen of my executors hierinafter named and theing fuch worly estate as it has plafed God to belfs mee with I do dispofe of it as follows to wit. First I order that all my just depts and funeral charges be paied by my executor as fon hee convenent can after my defefe. Seconly I give devife and bequeth unto my well beloved wife Mary Cable twoo mares and twoo cows two hogs and all the sheepe. Item and iet is my will that my wife Mary Cable is to have the bed and bedsteid and all the bed clofe and all the household furneture forever. Item I give and bequeath to my son Abraham Cabel my clock and clock cafe and my son Abraham is to give a meel or supper to the Brederen and congracation of Epheretha and my son Abraham is to have said clock in lieu of forthen pounds five shillings and iet is my will that teen pounds hard money is to be paid to my chidleren out of my estaed by my executor herafter named wich is to be paid to them a twlfe month after my defeis. That is to fay to my son Abraham Cabel the sum of forty shillings Item I give and bequeth to my thouther Barbara Byfel the sum of forty shillings. Item to my son Benjamin Cabel the sum of forty shillings and a Bible and all my wering apperels. Item I gave and bequeth to my son Jacob Cabel the sum of forty shillings. Item I give abd bequeath to my thauther Salomy Neele the sum of forty shilllings. I do hereby revoke and void all former wills and testaments herfor maed herby tastyfing and confirming this my last will and testament and I do hereby certitute and appoint my frend Michael Miller of the township of Huntington to be my executor of this my last will and tastament. In witnis wereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this twenty ninth day oh January one thousand seven hundred and eighty.

Witnesses sign in German


Probate gives the names as George Ihle Henry Firster Probated 28 March 1780

(Note; The will on page 2. will is typed as it is written. The letter "s" is written as a "f". It is in Warrington Township, York Co. Pa. Book E. pg. 78 recorded and probated in York court on 28 March 1780. Tax list of 1762 show Philip Keibil in Warrington Twp. York Co. Pa. Philip Cable found living in Bedford Co. Penn. No head stones can be found for Philip and Mary (Maria) Cable in York Co. Pa. Some histories state Philp Cable came from Saxony, Germany.)

(Note: Two Centuries of Brothersvalley shows the following on Jacob Cable: Jacob native of Switzerland, came to America and settled in Maryland. He married there and went across to Franklin Co. Pa. while living in Franklin Co. his son John was born in 1750. JOHN CABLE left home at age 21 and went to Bedford Co. Pa. where he married in 1773. These children born in Bedford Co. were CHRISTIAN, CATHERINE and MARY the two latter being twins... In 1782 the family moved to Bedford Co. on the Shaffer and Pringle farms. In 1783 a daughter MARGARET was born, the first white child to be born north of the Conemaugh River. In 1787 John and family moved from the Shaffer and Pringle farm to Juniata Valley in Huntingdon Co. near Frankstown. after their twin daughters were born, they moved through Bedford to Somerset Co. Pa. Later to Westmoreland Co., at a point along the banks of the Conemaugh River. This was in 1800, while in this county, his daughter Margaret born 1783 married to Jacob ALTMAN in 1788. John is buried in Westmoreland or Indian County; he died in 1809. Source; Two Centuries of Brothersvalley pg. 152-153.)


(1) PHILLIP CABLE (And wife Maria Brady)

(2) ABRAHAM CABLE (Source: Two Centuries of Brothersvalley, Pa. )

(2nd s/o Philip & Maria Brady Cable) was in Stony Creek, prior to summer of 1762. He moved into the area from Germantown about 1760. He settled at the juncture of the two Indian trails, one running north and south to Niagara Falls and Canada; the other going south from Brotherton, to the Indian villages in Tennessee. this crossing at Brotherton was a very important spot in the life of the Indians and later the early settlers. Henry, George and James Brotherton were there when Cable and his large family moved to the "crossing".

Abraham Cable built a log cabin just across theIndian trail from the Brotherton boy cabin. They had located at a spring, where now the milk house of Mr.& Mrs. Robert Bauermaster, or about where the barn now stands. It seems that when the Stony Creek road (now Rt. 31) was built through the settlement and it was located in the Bauermaster meadow, north of the house, before the present site was located, that it was planned that way in order not to pass through the Brotherton,Cable holdings. Nevertheless, the eldest son, Jonathan born at Brotherton, 1761, later built his log cabin in the field just east of his father. By 1762 there must have been at least seven or eight cabins at the Brotherton crossing. There are four old foundation scars in the area; just across the road from the Church parsonage is an old hay barrack. This was located on the Christian Cable cabin foundation. (Christian was born, 1766, died 1828), buried on Calvin Will Farm).

Abraham was born in Switzerland and married ca. 1752 to Mary (Maria) V. Magdalene in Pennsylvania. He was naturalized in 1762. This caused a stir among the Brethren at Germantown because a member had to take the "Oath of Allegiance to the King of England." this was against the order of the Church for they followed the strict letter of the Scriptures which said: "But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath; but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation." - James 5:12. The Naturalization Act declared that the applicant had to have a signed statement from the clergy that he had attended a Communion Service within a period of three months. No elder at Germantown would sign the record. It is alleged That Rev Conrad Beissel signed the document. From that date on Abraham Cable was denied fellowship with the Brethren. All through the life of Abraham Cable one may see that he really did not align himself closely with the Brethren although he was baptized and reared in the Faith; indeed it is the belief of the author that he never really accepted all the teachings and beliefs of the Church of the Brethren. When he settled in Bruedersthal he bacame a part of theBrethren fellowship for it was the convenient and practical thing to do. From the very beginning of the Church in Brothers Valley there was separation in many fields and many practices. Cable became the clerk as it was called in that day for the Brethren. Abraham had attended the Ludwig Hoecker Sunday School at Germantown, and the school held by Cornad Beissel at Ephrata. He had been indoctrinated very well by the Seventh Day teachings at Ephrata. he played a large role in Martin's church in Stony Creek.

Abraham Cable was a well-read man for his day, he could read and write German, French and English, he was a surveyor and mathematiciain. He had traveled far and wide among the Indians besides being familiar with the law. In fact, his neighbors thought so much of him and his ability as a scribe and counselor that in October, 1771, they signed the following paper: (Refered to in Minutes of council of November 23, 1771.) Read in council 23d Nov., yr. 1771; & a Commission issued to Abraham KEBLES a Justice of the Peace & for the County of Bedford. This is a direct quote as copied from the orignial document). (It is said that he was the first such Justice east of the Alleghany Mountains.) Abraham Keble is a Person in whom they have Confidence, is a Man of Proper and Reputation,and understands both Languages (German & English). They therefore - Request your Honor will be pleased to commissionate and Appoint he said Abrahm Keble or some other Person your Honormay approve to be a Magistrate in that Quarter. ( Note; there was two pages of names on the petition. Two of these names were: Jacob & Peter FISCHER.)

Abraham was listed on the 1800 Berlin, Penn. roster of citizens of the 1800 Census, as being past 45 yrs. of age. He was commissioned Justice of the Peace as the signers requested, November 23, 1771, and served that position until his death, ( His will #8 Somerset Co. 1805 ) except for his war years as he served in the Revolution under General George Washington. (Abraham migrated from York Co. Pa. to Somerset Co. Pa. prior to the American Rev. He served as Associate Judge in 1795...History of Bedford, Somerset, and Fulton Counties 1884) Jefferson Co. Ohio History states Abraham was promoted to the rank of Col. in Bedford Co. Pa. in the Rev. War. he was present at the battle of Yorktown. He loaned the Government a large sum ($50,000.) of gold to assist the financing of Washington's army. This was never repaid, this has been certified in the papers of George Washington, now in keeping of the Government in Washington D.C.

[ Note from Howard C. Maxwell; " David G. Maxwell the third great grandson of Abraham Cable, sent to Washignton D. C. an attorney - charged with finding the facts about the loan made by Abraham to the Rev. War Effort. The report brought back:

(1) Yes the congressional (or some) acknowledges that indebtedness due heirs.

(2) It would take an affirmative by Congress of a bill drafted to require the treasurer to release the funds.

(3) The fund would be of unbelievable size and destabalize the treasury.

(4) By the time the heirs - Cables, Balls, etc. and all the rest make such a total of heirs that, by the time taxes and attorneys were deleted each heir might get 50 cents each.

Abraham Cable & wife Mary V, June 14, 1779 purchased land for 500 pounds from James Black, in Quemahoning township, Brotherton, Pa. Note: D.A.R. proven #113068 Lt. Col. Abraham Cable 1777. 1784 census lists 8 persons.Bedford Co. inthe American Revolution by James Whisker. Shows Wood Rangers Appointed by the Court April session 1780 Abrham Cable Bedford Co. true copy of entries & appointments of Wood Rangers, 28 May 1795. David Espy, Clerk.

Bedford Co. in the Am. Rev. Abraham Cable, 1777, sub-lt, Bedford Co. 5 Pa Arch. 5 at 49.

Issue of Abraham & Mary Cable:

(1) PHILIP CABLE (Wife Maria Brady)

(2) ABRAHAM CABLE ( Mary Magdalene)

(3) 1. JACOB CABLE b. 1753 m. Mary WALKER sons

(4) i. Jacob3 Cable II. He married Rebecca ?.

(4) ii.John Martin Cable, born 1750 in Franklin Co., PA; died 1809 in Indiana or Westmoreland Co., PA. More at the end on John Martin Cable from Source on John Martin Cable from: David P Ruckser GED.



(4) John Martin3 Cable (Jacob2, Philip1) (Source: Tasker Genealogies - Pringle Family, p. 1.) was born 1750 in Franklin Co., PA, and died 1809 in Indiana or Westmoreland Co., PA. He married Mary Christina Warner 1773.

Notes for John Martin Cable: Historical Marker at Pringle Hill Cemetery reads: 1782


(Pringle Hill)

On this land once known as Elk Pasture the first white children of the Allegheny Wilderness were born to John Martin Cable, rontiersman and part-time Dunkard preacher, who came from Bedford in 1782. His homestead was occupied in 1795 by George & Philip Pringle who had married Cable's daughters Mary & Catherine, and for whom this locality is named. Both couples are buried in this pioneer cemetery.


The Cable family left the region about 1788 to live in Frankstown, Blair County, PA.

BOOK: THE SUMMERHILL STORY by Frank P. Alcamo, Cambria Public Library, Pennsylvania Room

The earliest family to settle north of the Little Conemaugh River was John Martin Cable at Elk Pasture, between Summerhill and Wilmore. This tract, it is believed, was surveyed to Samuel Griffin in 1773 and contained a cabin built by a man named Knott. Hannah Cable is said to have been born here in 1783. She is recorded as having died in Indiana County (1830) as Hannah Cable Coleman. Her birthplace is the former Victor Beyer farm, not far east of Summerhill. Two of Cable's daughters, Mary and Christina, married George and Philip Pringle. They located (1795) in the area known as Pringle Hill, about 1 1/2 miles from Summerhill.

More About John Martin Cable: Fact 1: Part-time Dunkard preacher (Source: "The Cambria County Heritage - Vol. 11 No. 33 August 1992," Published quarterly by Cambria County Historical Society.)

Children of John Cable and Mary Warner are:

i. Christian4 Cable, born 1774 in Bedford County, PA; died 1830 in Somerset Co., PA.

ii. Catherine Cable, born February 26, 1776 in Bedford County, PA; died December 25, 1831 in Summerhill Twp, Cambria Co.Pa.

iii. Mary Cable, born February 26, 1776 in Bedford County, PA; died September 04, 1858 in Cambria Co., PA.

iv. Susan Cable, born Abt. 1778.

. Children of Abraham & Mary Magdalene Cable cont.

(3) 2. PHILLIP JR. b. 1754 Lancaster Co.Pa. m. Matilda WALKER

(3) 3. BARBARA CABLE b. 1755 m. Philip BISSELL [Bysel]

(3) 4. SARAH CABLE b. 1759 d. 1827 m. Christian BLOUGH

(3) 5. JONATHAN CABLE b. 1761 d. 1801 m. Elizabeth

(3) 6. MICHAEL CABLE b. 1763 d. 1819 m. Barbara_________

(3) 7. CHRISTIAN CABLE b. 1 Mar. 1766 Stony Creek, Somerset Co. Pa.

(3) 8. BENJAMIN CABLE d. 1798 m. Mary ______.

(3) 9. MARY ELIZABETH CABLE,B. 17 Mar 1770, d. 16 Apr. 1845, m. John HEIPLE.

(Philip Bissell, brother of Peter,both sons of Conrad Bissell.)

[MICHAEL CABLE'S will # 7. Somerset 1819 locates residence Jenner Twp. and names seven children:Susannah, Jonathan, Samuel, Benjamin, Michael Jr. all minor ch. Wm. Anderson appointed their guardian; Leah & Joseph of age.] Pg. 152 Two Centuries of Brothersvalley.



(3) MICHAEL CABLE (And wife Barbara ________ )

Issue of Michael & Barbara (______) Cable:

(4) 1. Susannah, minor over 14 yrs.

(4) 2. Jonathan-minor

(4) 3. Samuel-minor

(4) 4. Benjamin-minor

(4) 5. Michael Jr.-minor

(4) 6. Leah Cable

(4) 7. Joseph Cable

William Anderson appointed guardian for Jonathan, Samuel, Benjamin & Michael Jr. Cable.


(2) ABRAHAM CABLE (And wife Mary Magdalene)

(3) 7. CHRISTIAN CABLE b. 1 Mar. 1766 d. 13 Dec 1828 m. Mary

Catharine Cable buried Cable Cemetery, Brotherton, Pa. Mary born 1770, d. 1824 had 8 ch.

(These others named as heirs in Christian Sr.'s will: Ludwig KIMMEL, Abraham MUSSER, Peter KIMMEL, John GEISEY & Jacob SHAVER.

Christian Sr. s/o Abraham Cable Esq. And wife, Mary, who resigned hr right ot admistrator of property of husband in 1805 March 26 to Robert PHILSON, George SWARTZ & Christian CABLE. The latter did not sign report of admistration.) (Source: Heirs of Christian Cable, Feb. Court 1829. Reg. of Wills Office, Somerset, Pa.) Mary resigned her right to Administrator of property of husband in 1805 Mar. 26 to Robt. PHILSON, George SWARTZ & Christian CABLE. The latter did not sign report of administration.

Cable Family Records in Somerset Co. Pa. Christian Cable, came from eastern territiory to Brothersvalley township, Somerset Co. Pa. about the year 1790, according to coutny History published 1899 by Biographical Review Pub. Co., Boston, Mass. This publication may be found in Public Library, Somerset Co. Pa. His name appears in this couonty records friest on the 1793 tax assesment list for Brothersvalley township. He died there in the year 1830 (or 1829). Records at Somerset, Pa. Court House, Orphans Court Document #24 for yar 1829, lists a petition for inquest dated 30 Apr. 1832, field by the Administrator, Ludwick Kimmel, husband of Sally Cable, heir of Christian Cable, wh died intestate, leaving ten children, which are name dint he petition as follows: Henry, Tobias, Jacob, Christian, Sally w/o Ludwick Kimmel, Franey w/o Abraham Musser, Rosina w/o Peter Kimmet, Elizabeth w/o John Geisey, Susan w/o John Penrod, Catherine w/o Jacob Shober. Propeties listed as three tracts in Brothersvalley township, #1 consisting of 99 acres; #2 of 150 acres; #3 of 96 acres, Widow Mary is named in the records.

Issue of Christian & Mary (______) Cable:

(1. Henry Cable b. 1807

(2. Tobias Cable

(3. Christian Cable

(4. Jacob Cable

(5. Catherine, m. Jacob Shober (SHOBERWHO) died 1837.

(6. Rosanna Cable, b. 8 Feb. 1780, m. Peter BRUBAKER.

(7. Sarah Cable, m. Peter DUMBAULD.

(8. Fannie Cable (Probably Francis)

(9. Elizabeth Cable

Heirs of Christian Cable Feb. Court 1829, Reg. of Wills Office, Somerset, Pa. Lists these names as heirs of


John Penrod Cable,

Elizabeth Cable,

Henry Cable,

Jacob Kable,

Christina Cable,

Tobias Cable.


For the County of Somerset at Shadetownship 1862 To J. Cable. The notice that you have been enrolled as a citizen, within the township of, Shade in the said county, liable to Military service.If you claim exemption from any cause, the claim will be received and determined by the Commissioner to be appointed for that purpose for this county, at such time and place as he shall specify by handbills to be posted in said township.. Wm. Neel. Deputy Marshall

HENRY CABLE s/o Christian Cable


Henry Cable, died on the 29th of Oct. 1868 a respectable citizen of Shade Township Somerset Co. Pa. He left home on the morning of the same day to go to Shaksville a distance of ten miles to a physician from whom he had been taking some medicine for a slight disease of the heart,not find- ing him home, he waited until 7 O,Clock in the evening when the physician came home, he received some medicine and intending to return home that night he mounted his horse biding goodnight to a person present starting off and immediately began to sink in a forward position fell to the ground in five minutes was dead. He was taken to his residence the following day and buried on the first day of Nov - ember, at age 61 years, 7 months and 23 days. He leaves a wife and 6 children, four of which have families, who are brought to mourn for the lap of one who was near and dear to them. He leaves only one surviving brother out of a family of 11 brothers and sisters, whose name is Jacob Cable. The deceased has been a prominent member of the German Seven Day Baptist Church for the last thirty years, and has ever proved faithful and true to his calling, regarding the word of god as his only guide in all his walks of life, for me to live is Christ, and to die is gain, has ever been his motto, blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth; yea, saith the Sprit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them Blessed and Holy is he that hath part in the first ressurrection; on such the second death hath no power, but they shall by priests of god and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.




(4) HENRY CABLE ( Wife unknown). Henry Cable, b. 6 Mar. 1807, d. 29 Oct. 1868 near Shade Townsip, Somerset Co. Pa [Cable Family records in Somerset Co. Pa. “Henry Cable, born 6 Marc. 1807 in Brothersvalley Township, Somerset Co. Pa. married Susan SPECHT, b. 1 May 1811, d/o andrew & Rebecca Pisel Specht. In the year 1828 this family moved to Shadse township, Somerset Co. Pa. engaged in farming. He died there in the year 1868. Records at Somerset, Co. Pa. Court House, Prphans

Court Document #24 for year 1868; listes a petition for inquest dated 6 May 1870, filed by Joseph & Jonathan Cable, Administrators and sons of Henry Cable who died intestate, leaving a widow Susan Cable, and six children, which are named inthe petition as flollows: Joseph, Jonathan of Bedford Co. Pa., Elizabeth wife of John B, Knupp of Benton Co. Iowa, Teresa wife of Daniel B. Ebersole of Bedford Co. Pa., David, Susan wife of Zack Lambert. The real estate consisted of 316 acres in Shade Township; purchased by David Cable at public venue, 12 Oct. 1871. Jonathan Cable, b. 16 Mar 1835, in Shade Twp. Somerset Co. Pa. He married 11 Nov. 1860, Elizabeth Rogers, d/o David & susan Wolford Rogers. He first was a blacksmith by trade, then a farmer, holdings listed as 836 acres. The 1899 County History afrementioned, lists the children of this family as follows:

1. Mary Jane Cable w/o Lorenzo J. Miller had 8 children

2. James Monroe Cable m. Annie Miller had 7 children

3. Franklin P. Cable

4. Annie H. Cable m. Joseph L. Wilson

5. David R. Cable m. Agnes Cook, had two children

6. Jemima B. Cable

7. Elas (not sure of spelling) Cable, m. Louise Finley, had two Children

8. Joseph Russell Cable.

Issue of Henry Cable:

(5) 1. JOSEPH CABLE, s/o Henry Cable, b. 19 Mar 1830, d. 14 Jul 1890, m. Sally BLOUGH, 13 May 1856,the d/o John Blough; Joseph Cable son of Henry and the great grandson of Abraham Cable, lived near Cunningham, Ill. which was located between Stoyestown and Kantner. Joseph kept a diary for thirty-seven years and it was quite a complete book for his day. Book donated by descendent, Mrs. Hazel Kabel Zimmerman of San Francisco, in 1954. Heir to the diary and a descendent on both sides of her family for the Pioneer Abraham Cable. (This compiler has portion (copy) of this dairy.)

Issue of Joseph & Sally (Blough) Cable: [only two found]

(6) 1. Jennie S. Cable, died 17 Oct. 1889 of Typhoid Fever;

(6) 2. James M. Cable.

Issue of Henry Cable Cont:

(5) 2. Washington Cable, b. 16 Mar 1829, d. 31 Dec. 1848;

(5) 3. Christian Cable, b. 25 Jan 1832, d. 5 Feb. 1849;

(5) 4. Jonathan Cable, b. 16 Mar. 1835 d. 20 May 1903, m. Betsy (Elizabeth) RODGERS.

(5) 5. Mary Cable, b. 29 Jul 1836, d. 2 Feb. 1849;

(5) 6. Elizabeth Cable, b. 14 Jun 1839 m. John KNUPP.

(5) 7. Sarah Cable, b. 11 Apr 1841, d. 25 May 1861

(5) 8. Teresa Cable, b. 3 Nov 1843, d. m DAN EVERSOLE

(5) 9. Charles H. Cable, b. 22 Oct 1847, d. 22 Dec 1849;

(5) 10 David Cable, b. 28 Sep 1849, m. Carrie WEIGLE (1851-1930)

(5) 11 Susanna Ellen, b. 18 Nov 1852. d. 21 Dec. 1899, m. Zach LAMBERT.

(Some say that Eliza m. Dan Eversole & Teresa, m. John Knupp)


(2) ABRAHAM CABLE (And wife Mary Magdalene)

(3) 4. JOHNATHAN CABLE, Born 1761, died 1801. Married Elizabeth "Betsy" RODGERS. His Residence Stonycreek Twp. Somerset Co. Pa. enumerated in 1800 census both he and wife, Elizabeth in age group 26 to 45; 3 ch. his Will #8. Somerset 1801 Adm. Abraham Cable and Bondsmen John WELLS and Jacob SCHNEIDER; petition of widow to Court names her 4 minor children; William ANDERSON guardian.

Issue of Johnathan & Elizabeth (RODGERS) Cable:

(4) 1. JONATHAN CABLE JR. 1782-1847; m/1 Elizabeth SPECHT she died 1803 they had 3 ch.; m/2 ca 1811 Elizabeth CRISE of Maryland.; Enumerated in 1820-1830-1840 census Pike Twp. Stark Co. Ohio;

Issue of Jonathan & Elizabeth (Specht) Cable:

(5) 1. BARBARA CABLE, b. 7 Dec. 1811 Jeff Co Ohio, m. Bissell Sidney BELNAP in 1832, died 13 Apr 1869 Bolivar, Oh. Bissell, s/o David & Jane Ayers Seran Belnap. A son,

(6) 1. David Belnap m. Elizabeth KLINE d/o John III. b. 4 May 1815 & Catharine (Cagan) Kline of. (The Jonathan Jr. Family History published by Samuel E. Weaver a descendent in California in 1951, he owns a tool chest with Jonathan's name carved in it and dated 9 Feb. 1803.

(5) 2. Susannah Cable. (She probably married RHODES DAVID SPEICHER b. 1793 Somerset Co. Pa.; Magdalena Rhodes, b. 1801 in Pa.; enumerated in 1850 census Wayne Co. Ohio with Catherine Cable age 85 in family group reported to be the mother of David's wife).

(5) 3. Joseph Cable;

(5) 4. Benjamin Cable.

(4) 2. Benjamin Cable,s/o Jonathan & Elizabeth Cable b. 1769 d. 1798 m. Mary ________

(4) 3. Mary E. Cable d/o Jonathan & Elizabeth Cable

b.17 Mar 1770 d.

16 Apr 1845 m. John HEIPLE Mary Elizabeth Cable, buried Friedens.

John, b. Feb. 1766, d. 13 Dec. 1834.

(Source: Two Centuries of Brothersvalley; Lineage sources: Rev. H. Auston Cooper; Mrs. Vance McGregor; Hazel Kabel Zimmerman.)



(2) ABRAHAM CABLE (And wife Mary Magdalene)

(3) JACOB CABLE, born ca. 1753 died near 1833-34, Jefferson Co. Ohio, he married ca 1796 (Believe the birth date on Jacob must be wrong, he would have been 43 yrs old when he married and 60 when last child born, it must be a misprint and he was born 1763 or 73.) to Mary "Polly" Christinia Walker, d/o Jacob b. 1742 Germany m. 1765, d.1783 Somerset Co. Pa. and his wife Elizabeth Walker. It is said in Jefferson Co. Ohio history that Jacob came from Fayette Co. Jacob came to Jefferson County Island Creek Township where his first son, David Cable was born in 1797. Jacob and his sons; Silas, Benjamin, Jonathon and Isaac settled in Freedom Township, Wood Co. Ohio in the 1830's, along with Ephraim Cable Jr. Jacob's great nephew. Ephraim's land located south east of Pemverville, Ohio, Wood Co. Freedom Twp. Land Records in Wood Co. Recorders Office Freedom Twp. Sec. 28: NW Qt. Sec. part 65.05 acres along river sold to Jacob CABLE by State of Ohio for $81.25 on 25 Dec. 1833. Jacob conveyed this to Isaac CABLE (probably his son) on 11 Sept. 1834, both listed as of Jefferson Co. Ohio. Sarah Cable, conveyed title to this same property to Henry SHIPLEY in 1860 for $1000.00. she is shown as a resident of Jeff. Co. Oh. I would guess this is probably the widow of Isaac Cable. [WOOD COUNTY SENTINEL, THURS. APRIL 3, 1884, PIONEER NOTES-FREEDOM TOWNSHIP...Three Cable brothers settled about the year 1834 in New Rochester. "About this time (ca 1834) came the Cable brothers, Silas, Benjamin, & Isaac from Morrow county. One of them settled about a mile below New Rochester on the Daniel FISH farm, one on the opposite side of the river about a quarter of a mile below there, and the other on the Eisenhour ridge. The land was given them by their father. they evidently were not accusomed to the harships of pioneer life,a nd had probably left homes of luxury and ease, as the howling wolves, the shaking ague, the "pesky" mosquitoes and various early privations were too much for them, and they resolved to return to their first love. They loaded their families and household goods in canoes and "set sail" down the Portage. But their voy(age) like their stay in the wilderness was attended by disaster. When they arrived about one mile below where pemberville now is, one canoe containing their wives, children and clothing capsized and of course spilt the whole cargo into the river. Fortunately none were drowned but they lost all their clothing. They were no akin to the present Cable of Freedom. The latter statement has since been proven to be mistaken, they were of the Freedom Cable Families. These three brothers are said to be the sons of Jacob & Mary (Walker) Cable. Jacob was a millwright of grain mills, and died in 1833-34, his wife nee Mary Walker, of Penn. departing this life in 1816. David Cable was brought up on a farm in Jeff. Co. Ohio; in 1818 he assisted in building the first market house; worked at the construction of the wharf about 1821-2, and contracted on the new jail and county offices in 1834. He was trea surer for Jeff. Co. from 1849 to 1853, was in the council three or four years; had also filled the office of street commissioner,and drifted into the lumber business in 1828, which he continued down to 1860, but he had lived a comparatively retired life since 1862. He married to Rosanna KING, d/o William King of Ireland, in 1826, and she still was living in her 82nd. year. David and Rosanna had a family of four sons and two daughters; one of the sons, WILLIAM CABLE, was a doctor practicing in Pittsburgh, and another living at home at the time of this history was an engineer, while one of his daughters became the wife of John T. PHILLIPS, of New Castle, Pa. Jacob Cable and his family lived at Island Creek Township, Jefferson Co. Ohio. (Ref. to Jacob being son of Abraham & Mary Cable found inthe "Jonathan Cable Book.", It states" Jacob Cable came from Fayette Co. Pa., to Island Creek Township about 1800 where he continued his trade of millwright of grain mills. Jacob and his wife Mary Walker reared a family of seven sons and two daughters: Jacob, Benjamin, Jonathon, Silas, Isaac, David, Joseph, Elizabeth & Mary.". It also states that Joseph & Ephraim Cable were two of the very first white children born in the Northwest Territory - Ephraim in 1797 and Joseph in 1801". ( Source:Jefferson & Belmont Counties History - Marrige records - census records and death records of Jeff. Co. Oh. History of the Jonathon Cable Family, by Samuel E. Weaver of California, 1950.)

(Additional information from Dave Rucker.'s GEDfile: .

MARIA BARBARA7 WALKER (JACOB ANDREAS6 WACKER, MICHAEL5, JOHANN (HANS) JORG4, JORG DES GERICHTS HEILIGENPFLEGER3, JORG2, MARTIN1) was born May 24, 1783 in Brothers Valley, Somerset, Pennsylvania, and died 1813 in Paris, Stark, Ohio. She married JACOB CABLE 1800 in Brothers Valley, Somerset Co., Pennsylvania.

Notes for MARIA BARBARA WALKER: Maria Barbara, together with the younger children were raised by foster parents. This esulted in some loss of data and conflicting reports of her survival. There is some data that she did survive and was married to a Mr.Jacob Cable. Records in Stark Co. Ohio should be examined for evidence of Jacob's Spouse Elizabeth's burial records.


50. i. JONATHAN8 CABLE, b. 1803; d. November 03, 1847, Pike Twnp., Stark, Ohio. Charles J. Walker, 310 5th Ave.S.E. Cedar Rapids, Ia. 52401.

Children of Jacob Cable and Christina Walker are:

33 i. Jacob4 Cable II died Bef. October 1834 in Tuscarawas Co., OH. He married Rebecca ?

+ 34 ii. Benjamin Cable, born 1811 in Jef.

35 iii. Silas Cable.

36 iv. Isaac Cable. He married Sarah ?.

+ 37 v. David Cable.

38 vi. Elizabeth Cable. She married John Rodgers.

39 vii. Mary Cable. She married David Campbell.

+ 40 viii. Jonathan Cable, born June 15, 1782 in PA.; died November 03, 1847.

41 ix. Joseph Cable born April 17, 1801 in Northwest Territory of Ohio He married (1) Sussanan Stallcup

Issue of Jacob & Mary (Walker) Cable: May have been other children.

Jacob Cable is my 3rd grt.

(4) 1. David, b.1797 Pa. m. Rosanna KING ca. 1826

(4) 2. Elizabeth b.1804 m. John RODGERS

(4) 3. Isaac, b.1807

(4) 4. Joseph, b. 1810 or 1801

* Benjamin is my 2nd grt.

(4) 5. BENJAMIN CABLE b.1811 m. Persis SHAW on 13 Mar 1834 Jeff. Co. Oh. (Other source; state Benjamin, s/o Benjamin & Susanna (BETZ) Cable of Jefferson Co. Ohio. Benjamin, s/o Philip & Dorothy (Walker) Cable.)

(4) 6. Jacob Jr. b.1812 d. 1877 m. Eliza McCASLAND m.19 May 1840

(4) 7. Mary Magdelene b.1813 m. David CAMPBELL

(4) 8. Silas

(4) 9. Jonathan





(4) BENJAMIN CABLE, born ca. 1811 (according to 1850 Jeff Co census) was married 13 Mar. 1834 Jeff. Co. to Persis SHAW, she born ca. 1816 Chenango Co. New York, d/o William T. Shaw and Elizabeth HASTINGS. Benjamin and family lived at Island Creek Twp. Jeff. Co. and is listed as a farmer on the 1850 cenus. Benjamin and family found Tusc. Co. Sandyville Twp. In 1860 census. [2nd great grandparents of Donna (Maxwell) Tivener <

(5) Issue of Benjamin & Persis (Shaw) Cable ,Found on census, might be others.

(5) 1. Josiah, b. ca 1838

(5) 2. Jacob, b. ca 1840 (1850 Island Ck twp Jeff. Co

(5) 3. Ellanor C b. ca 1844 (In 1860 Tusc. Co Sandyville twp.)

(5) 4. John W. b. ca 1845-46 " " " " "

(5) 5. Pamphila b. ca 1845 (1850 Island Ck twp. Jeff Co Oh)

(5) 6. Caroline H. b. nickname "Callie" 5 May 1848 m. David W. MAXWELL (My 1st great's)

(5) 7. George A. b. Aug 1849 " " " " " " "

(5) 8. Alice E. b. 1850 (1860 Tusc. Co Sandyville twp.)

(5) 9. Hiram S. b. 1852 " " " " "

(5) 10 Witty B. b. 1859 " " " " "

(Note: David Wakeman Maxwell, b. 31 Dec 1843 Unionport, Jeff. Co. married Caroline H."Callie" Cable 17 Jan. 1871 Hamline Church, Jeff. Co. Ohio. Both are buried in Union Cemetery, Steubenville, Ohio, Callie died 24 Mar. 1892 leaving several young children, David never remarried. David W. the son of David Maxwell, b.18 Dec. 1810 Reeds Mill, Jeff. Co. & Sarah T. BALL, b. 18 Jun. 1816 Richmond, Jeff. Co. Ohio. David W. & Caroline (Cable) Maxwell. Parents of David Garfield Maxwell, b. 27 Aug. 1879 Unionport, Oh. & wife, Ina Rhea KLINE, b. 1 Mar. 1883 Steub. Oh., their son, Joseph Edward Maxwell, b. 9 Feb. 1916 Mingo Jct. Ohio the father of this compilier, Donna (Maxwell) Tivener.)

(In 1860 Tusc. Co. Ohio census living in same area with Benjamin Cable were: Jacob, ae. 38 farmer born Pa. wf. Margaret, ae 35 b. Pa. ch.: (i) George-11, (ii) Mary A.-9, (iii) Olive-7, (iv) James W.-5, (v) Charles E.-5, (vi) Christina-3. all born Ohio.

Christian Cable, ae 38 farmer, born Pa. Rachael age 59 born Pa. might be his mother.

BENJAMIN CABLE (1730-1798)


(2) ABRAHAM CABLE I. (And wife Mary Magdalene)

(3) BENJAMIN CABLE, His wife is named Mary (____________), she s listed in his will #8. Somerset Co. dated 7 Nov. 1796, Probated Jun. 7, 1798. Residence Milford Township. Bequeaths to his wife Mary, 100 pounds lawful money of Penna.,to be paid out of the estate three years after his death, also house and all clear land, one cow, small heifer, household furniture, iron pots, kettle, frying pan, pewter, potracks, sufficent fire wood, stable room for cow and heifer, provide 15 bu. of wheat and 5 bu. of rye yearly as long as she lives, all to be performed by son Abraham Cable on clear land mentioned, also chest, bed and bedding, two best cags in the house, all the shingle nails, at wifes death, the land is to go to son Abraham, and his heirs forever. The plantation on which he lives willed to his son Abraham. Also the wagon, gears, cross cut saw, farming untensils, his wearing apparel. Abraham is to pay all remaining payments on said land to Adam KEEFER, he is to pay 25 shillings per acre after deducting 100 pounds as his share of legacy the rest of the money to be equally divided among the rest of children, namely, RACHAEL, ELIZABETH-w/o George Hopple, SARAH, SUSANNA, ROSANNA, MARY, daughters to be paid at the end of 7 years after his death, the remaining goods to be equally divided the daughters, except a horse which he gives to Abraham,to the children of his daughter Hannah deceased who was the wife of Daniel Bower, he bequeaths an equal share with the rest of daughters, wife and son Abraham appointed executors witnesses Jacob HECKLER, Nicholas BARON and David JONES. Inventory $731.80. Balance in hands to be divided $656.83



(3) BENJAMIN CABLE ( And wife, Mary _________ )

(4) 1. Rachel Cable, m. ca. 1805 Jacob BRUBAKER.

(4) 2. Rosanna Cable, m. Peter BRUBAKER (Some say this is daughter of Christian & Mary Cable, brother of Benjamin.)

(4) 3. Mary Cable

(4) 4. Hester Cable

(4) 5. Elizabeth, m. Godfrey STAHL Jr.

(4) 6. Sarah Cable

(4) 7. Susannah Cable

(4) 8. Abraham Cable, b. Dec. 1770, d. 18 Jul. 1838, m. 1794 Somerset

Co. Pa. Susanna STAHL (1777-1847).

(4) 9. Veronica Cable, m. Abraham MUSSER who was born 1790, d. 1874 their children:

Issue of Abraham & Veronia (Cable) Musser:

(6) 1. Benjamin Musser.

(6) 2. Christian Musser.

(6) 3. John Musser

(6) 4. Abram Musser.

(6) 5. Philip Musser.

(6) 6. Elizabeth Musser, m. WALKER.

(6) 7. Margaret, m. MILLER.

(6) 8. Mary Musser.

Issue of Abraham & Susanna (Stahl) Cable:

(5) 1. DOROTHY CABLE, m. Sep. 1816 John FAUST son Jacob E. Faust, m. Fannie BERKEBILE. Their issue:

(6) 1. Alvin G. Faust, b. 8 Feb 1885, m. 9 Aug. 1908 Maude C. JONES.

(6) 2. Nile E. Faust, b. 7 Sep 1911, m. Mary Jane CORBETT.

Dr. Alvin Faust has the family Bible of CABEL & FAUST Goeb Bible.

(5) 2. ABRAHAM CABLE JR., m. Elizabeth REESE settled 1851 W. Wheatfield Twp.Indiana Co. Pa. Garfield. Their issue:

(6) 1. Mary Cable, m. George SNEHL their issue:

Issue of George & Mary (Cable) Snehl:

(7) 1. William Snehl

(7) 2. Ellen Snehl

(7) 3. John Snehl

(7) 4. Jake Snehl

(7) 5. Nettie Snehl

(7) 6. Kate Snehl

(7) 7. Julia Snehl, res. Pittsburgh Pa.;

(5) ABRAHAM CABLE JR. (And wife Elizabeth Reese cont.)

(6) 2. Catherine Cable, died age 22 yrs.,

(6) 3. Susan Cable, m. Edward WOOD;

(6) 4. Bemjamin Cable, b. 9 Aug 1832, d 14 Apr 1913, m. Elizabeth LICHTENFELS (9 May 1832-8 May 1912) d/o Philip, Robinson Pa. burial German Luth.Cem. near Route #259 W. Wheatfield Twp. 3 miles east of Robinson, north side Conemaugh River. Johnson, Pa.

Issue of Benjamin & Elizabeth (Lichtenfels):

(7) 1. Albert Cable, 1855-1900,m. Elizabeth WALBACK, 1857-1916.

Issue of Albert & Elizabeth (Walback) Cable:

(8) 1. Frank L. Cable, b. 1876, m. Celia FRAIN 1881-1951.

(8) 2. Ada Cable, m. Charles ROBINSON had 5 ch.

(8) 3. Lydia Cable m. Elmer ROBINSON had 4 ch.

(8) 4. Emma Cable, m. Frederick ROBERTSON had 8 ch.

(8) 5. Scott Cable, m. Clara FULCONER had 2 ch.

(8) 6. Jacob Cable unmar.

(8) 7. Ocie Cable, died 7 yrs.

(6) 4. BENJAMIN CABLE (And wife Elizabeth Lichtenfels, cont.)

(7) 2. Emma Caroline Cable, 1859-1947, m. John FAUST 1853-1900;

(7) 3. Benjamin Franklin Cable, 1862-1923, m.Jane WINEBRENNER 1866-1906;

(7) 4. Elizabeth Cable, 1867-1951,m. James BRETT 1864-1933;

(7) 5. Liza Catherine Cable, m/1 Samuel ARICK, m/2 William INCAPHER;

(7) 6. Susan Cable, died age 7 yrs.;

(7) 7. Thomas Jefferson Cable, m. Jane DIAS.;

(5) 2. ABRAHAM CABLE JR. (And wife Elizabeth Reese cont.)

(6) 5. Eliza Cable, m. John BRUBAKER, settled in Ohio.

(6) 6. Julia Ann Cable, m. Maurice RICE. Their issue:

(7) 1. Mamie Rice m. Mr. WALBECK,

(7) 2. Liz Rice m. Mr. WILL

(6) 7. Abraham Cable III., m. Mary BURKETT, son Robert Cable;

(6) 8. Godfrey, died age 2 yrs.;

(6) 9. Ellen Cable, m. Charles ASKINS had four sons, res Johnstown,Pa.

(6) 10 John Cable, m. Maria CALLAHAN, Their issue:

(7) 1. Albert Cable,

(7) 2. Charles Cable,

(7) 3. Annie Cable, m. ZILCH

Issue of Abraham & Elizabeth (Reese) Cable Cont.:

(6) 11 Nancy, m. Edward COVIS, res. Johnstown, Pa.

(6) 12 Robert Cable, m/1 Clara HARRIS, m/2 Julia LAYMAN, a son,

(7) 1. Frank Cable

(6) 13 Rachel Cable, m. John MESSENGER

(6) 14 Harriet Cable, d. 10 Dec. 1923, m. Ebenezer S. CALLIHAN, b. 1845 Johnstown.

(6) 15 Cornelius Cable, died age 4 yrs.

(6) 16 James Cable, died infant.

(6) 17 William G. Cable, died age 4 yrs.




(4) ABRAHAM CABLE (And wife Susanna Stahl) their issue:

(5) 3. HANNAH CABLE, b. 1799, m. Jesse BERKEBILE









(3) BENJAMIN CABLE (And wife Mary ________ .)

(4) 2. Rachel Cable, b. 19 Feb. 1784. d/ 18 Jul.

1838 Somerset Co. Pa. m. Jacob Brubaker. Their issue:

(5) 1. Michael Brubaker, b. 1807, d. 1887, m. Catharine PROBST.

(5) 2. Abraham Brubaker, b. 1808.

(5) 3. Daniel Brubaker, b. 1810.

(5) 4. Peter Brubaker, b. 6 Jan 1812.

(5) 5. Valentine Brubaker, b. 1814.

(5) 6. Eva Brubaker, b. 1816.

(5) 7. Jacob Brubaker, b. 10 Oct. 1819, d. 18 Dec.1901

(5) 8. Elizabeth Brubaker, b. 1821.

(5) 9. Rachel Brubaker, b. 1824.

(5)10. John Brubaker, b. 1826, d. 1898.



(2) ABRAHAM CABLE (Wife Mary Magdalene)

(3) 6. CHRISTIAN CABLE, born 1766 and died 1828; m. Mary Catherine (1770-1824); buried Cable Cemetery Brotherton, Pa. ( Christian moved from Eastern Co., settled in Brother's Valley about 1780).

Issue of Christian & Mary Cable:

(4) 1. Henry Cable, b. 1807 d. 1868 m. Susan SPECHT. Moved to Shade 1828. Their issue:

(5) 1. Washington Cable,


2. Joseph Cable,

(5) 3. Christian Cable,

(5) 4. Jonathon Cable,

(5) 5. Sarah,Cable,

(5) 6. Eliza Cable, w/o KNUPP,

(5) 7. Theresa Cable, w/o EVERSOLE,

(5) 8 Susan Cable w/o LAMBERT.

(4) 2. Tobias Cable

(4) 3. Christian Cable

(4) 4. Jacob Cable

(4) 5. Catharine Cable m. Jacob SHOBER

(4) 6. Rosanna Cable

(4) 7. Sarah Cable, m. Peter DUMBOLD. Their issue:

(5) 1. Abraham Dumbold,

(5) 2. Jonathon Dumbold, b.30 Jul.1809, m. 13 Dec. 1833 Elizabeth DIEHL,

(5) 3. Samuel Dumbold,

(5) 4. Peter Dumbold,

(5) 5. Solomon Dumbold,

(5) 6. David Dumbold,

(5) 7. Elizabeth Dumbold.

Issue of Christian & Mary Cable cont.:

(4) 8. Fannie Cable

(4) 9. Elizabeth Cable

Philip Cable (1754-1812)


(2) ABRAHAM CABLE (Wife of Mary Magdalene)

(3) 2. JUDGE PHILIP CABLE,( Capt. in Rev. War.) s/o Abraham & Mary

Magdalena Cable, he was born July 1754 Lancaster Co. Pa., and was still a young man when his family moved from Germantown, to Somerset Co. Pa. he married Matilda Walker in 1785 and moved further west to Jefferson Co. Ohio, Philip erected a block house on the river and his name has been perpeturated in "Cables Bend" in the Ohio at the foot of "Brown's Island". Judge Cable, as he was called died 26 Dec. 1812 Island Creek Twp. Jefferson Co. Ohio he was buried at * "Cable's Bend" and then later the whole cemetery moved to Union Cemetery, Steubenville, Ohio by Albert Pavlik family who bought the land. It was done at much expense. A fine monument now marks the graves. His wife Mathilda Dorothy "Dolly" Walker, b. Apr. 1769 Bedford Co. Pa. died 20 Jan. 1830 Island Ck. Twp. Phillip was a Judge in Jefferson Co. Ohio. A Capt. he was a soldier in the Rev. War. At the first court northwest of the Ohio River near 1798, at Steubenville, Capt. Cable was appointed the Judge by Winthrop Sargent. (Judge Philip was so popular that he officiated at most of the marriages and adopted a short service so that waiting couples would not be delayed by much ceremony. It usually ended with "Give me a dollar, kiss your bride, and go about your business". Having no one present on one such occassion he called his wife Dolly and Black Harry, "I pronounce you man and wife, give me a dollar." The first court room was on the ground where the present court house now stands, and first court held on Jan. 2, 1797. Capt. Cable was one of the officials to whom the ground was deeded to the City of Steubenville by Bazelel Wells, for $5.00 on 15 Aug. 1792. Judge Philip's originial farm in Island Creek Twp. Jeff. Co. Ohio remained in the Cable family well into the twentieth century.

Will Abstracts taken from Will book One 1798-1821 Jefferson County NW

Terr. a/D. Thomas. Page 115 - Philip Cable; dated 19 January 1810; wife Dorothy; sons Benjamin, Samuel, Ephraim; daughters Hannah, Delila, Dorothy; exr. son Benjamin, Bezaleel Wells; wit. Barbara Brown, Richard Brown Jr., Caty Marshall, Alice Brown; date of probate 19 April 1813.

Pennsylvania Archives Associated Battalions & Militia of the Revolution pg. 645. BROTHERS VALLEY (3RD ) COMPANY Philip Cable, December 10 1777

Bedford Co. Pa. in Am. Rev. War by J. Whisker; Philip Cable, July 1776, Capt., 1st Batt.Bedford Co. Militia; 12-10-1777, Ensigne, Brothers Valley Co. 1st Batt; 1781, Capt. 8th Co. 3d.Batt. all Bedford Co. Militia. 2 Pa. Arch. 14 at 642, 645 & 665; 5 Pa Arch. 5 at 60 & 94. (Note;Descendants of Philip Cable state that President Abraham Lincoln stayed over night at the Cable Bend House.)

Issue of Philip & Dorothy (Walker) Cable:

(4) (1. Ephriam Cable, b. 15 Mar 1787 Jeff. Co. First white child born Island Ck. Jeff. Co. Ephriam died 4 Dec. 1875 Jeff Co Ohio. m. Sarah CLEMMONS/CLEMENS on 3 Dec. 1819 Jeff Co.Oh.

(4) (2. Dorothy Cable

(4) (3. Delila Cable, m. William WALKER on 14 Jan 1808 Jeff Co Oh.

(4) (4. Benjamin Cable, b. ca 1785-86, Jeff Co., d. 16 Jan 1813 Jeff. Co. Ohio, m. Susannah BETZ. Estate Record

Jeff. Co. Oh. Benjamin Cable, died 16 Jan. 1813 age 27 yrs. (1786), wife Susannah Betz; Security given by; Jacob Cable & Henry Swearinger; James Cable & Henry Searinger appointed guardians for children: Andrew, William, Sally & Delilah, all born before 1813. Susan Cable, widow, marr. William Hanna on 22 Feb. 1816 Jeff. Co. Ohio.

(4) (5. Samuel, Apr 1794 d. 20 Apr 1819 Jeff Co. age 25y 4m 8 days br. Union Cem. Steub. Ohio.

(4) (6. Hannah Cable, m. George MYERS on 9 Jun 1820 Jeff Co. (others say Hannah, b. ca. 1808 married James PARKER.)

(4) (7. Elizabeth Cable, m. John RODGERS, on 3 Aug. 1820 Jeff Co

(4) (8. Silas Cable, (Believe he went to Wood Co. Ohio)

(4) (9. Andrew Cable, (age 45 yrs. in 1850 census went to Wood Co. Oh. m. Nancy CLEMMONS 22 Mar 1827 Jeff Co. Ohio. In 1850 census Jeff Co Oh. a Elizabeth BOON age 28 (1822) was living with his family. Sarah & Nancy Clemmons sisters.

(4) (10 Isaac Cable, went to Wood Co. Ohio m. Sarah McFARLAND 16 Oct 1831.

(4) (11 William Cable, b. 1820, d. 9 Apr 1867 Jeff Co. m. Sarah ROBERTS on 27 Sep 1838 Jeff Co. Sarah Roberts, daughter of Wm. & Sarah (Mansfield) Roberts. Sarah Mansfield, d/o Thomas & Mary (HILL) Mansfield, see page 26. Issue of Philip & Dorothy (Walker) Cable cont:

(4) (12 Timothy Cable,

EPHRIAM CABLE Sr. (1787-1875)

(4) 1.Ephraim Cable Sr. (s/o Judge Philip & Dorothy Cable) born 15 Mar. 1787 Island Ck. Twp. Jeff Co Ohio the first white child born in the County. He was in the War of 1812, d. 4 Dec. 1875 buried first at Cable's bend then removed to Union Cem. Steubenville,Ohio. He married on 3 Dec. 1819 to Sarah "Sally" CLEMMONS/CLEMENS born 19 Apr 1800 and died 16 Apr 1861 Jeff Co. buried Union Cem. The daughter of William & Elizabeth Clemmons.


EPHRAIM CABLE (deceased) was born in now Island Creek township, Jeff. Co. Ohio on March 15, 1787; was the first white child born in the county, and perhaps the first in what is now the state of Ohio His father moved hither in 1785, and built the block house at Cable's Ferry, known as Cable's block house. Ephraim Cable was married to Sarah CLEMENS in 1819. They were the parents of fourteen children, eight sons and six daughters. He followied farming during his lifetime; was a soldier in the war of 1812, in which conflict he bore an honorable part. His death occurred on the 4th. of September, 1875.

SANFORD CABLE, a son of Ephraim & Sarah Cable, born on the old farm,July 4, 1835. In october, 1860,he united in marriage to Margaret BELL. this union resulted in four children - William, George, Mark E. & Robert. Mr. Cable has always been engaged in farming.

WILLIAM W. CABLE, son of Ephraim & Sarah, born in Island Creek twp. April 19, 1823. On the 24th. of March 1859 he married Sarah BELL, and reared a family of two children - Lewis A. & Ross W. His occupation was farming.

Issue of Ephraim & Sarah (Clemmons) Cable:

(5) (1. Philip William Cable, b. 14 Sep 1820 ,d. 29 Jan 1904 Jeff Co Oh. m. Hannah ROBERTSON on 15 Mar. 1845 Jeff Co.

(5) (2. Richard Cable, b. 29 Jan 1822, m. Elizabeth TROTTER on 1 Mar 1854 Jeff Co.

(5) (3. William Walker Cable, b. 19 Apr 1823, d. 7 Feb 1894 Jeff Co. m. Sarah BELL on 28 Mar. 1859 Jeff Co.

(5) (4. Dorothy Cable, b. 27 Apr 1824, d. 23 Mar 1854 Jeff Co., m. Jacob RODGERS 17 Mar. 1842 Jeff Co. s/o John Rodgers Jr.

(5) (5. Polly H. Cable, b. 7 Jul 1825, m. George Hanlon HAMILTON 17 Aug 1845 Jeff Co Oh.

(5) (6. Isaac Harris Cable, b. 2 Mar. 1827, d. 20 Jul 1828 Jeff Co Oh

(5) (7. Ephriam Cable Jr., b. 12 Oct 1828, d. 7 Apr 1860 Wood Co Oh. m. Sarah MORROW 13 Nov. 1851 Jeff Co Oh.

(5) (8. Caroline Cable, b. 14 Aug 1830, d. 23 Apr. 1902, m. Sam PRICE

(5) (9. Thomas Cable Sr., b. 25 Feb 1832, d. 4 Mar 1906, m. Charlotte HITCHCOCK 20 Nov. 1855 Jeff Co Oh. Charlotte, d/o Jessie.

(5) (10 Benjaman Mars Cable, b. 16 Oct 1833, d. 24 Mar 1835.

(5) (11 Sanford Clemmons Cable, b. 4 Jul 1835, d. 7 Oct 1913, m. Margaret BELL on 23 Oct. 1860 Jeff Co. Oh.

(5) (12 Mariah Janet Cable, b. 7 Mar 1837, m. James SIMPSON 10 Jun 1842 Jeff Co Oh.

(5) (13 Sarah Cable, b. 9 Sep 1838, d. 8 Mar 1900, m. Leander POWELL on 26 Mar 1843 Jeff. Co Oh.

(5) (14 Melissa Cable, b. 31 Mar 1843, d. 14 Sep 1865, m. John COLLINS

(5) (15 Anna Cable, b. 1845, d. 9 Feb 1879





(V) EPHRAIM CABLE JR. born 12 Oct. 1828 Island Creek Township, Jefferson Co. Ohio, married 13 Nov. 1851 to Sarah MORROW of Jeff. Co. About 1857 Ephraim and Sarah moved west to Wood Co. Ohio to settle on land given him by his father. the 160 acre farm in Freedom Township still in timber, was originally granted to Silas CABLE on 20 Dec. 1835 by the U.S. government. Silas sold it to Ephriam Cable, Sr. 19 Sept. 1842 at Jeff. Co. He gave it to his son, William Walker Cable on 27 Jan. 1851 as full value for his share of the family estate. On Oct 1st. the following year William deeded it back to his father, perhaps having determined not to settle on it. This time Ephraim Sr. gave it to his son, Ephraim Jr. on 2 Oct. 1852. He mortgaged it to his father on the same day for the sum of $300.00 and this was witnessed by Beatty & Minerva McFARLAND who lived on the ajoining farm in Island Creek Township, Jeff. Co. Just when the couple did travel to Wood Co. and begin clearing the land is not certain but it was after 1855, and before January 1858 when Ephraim Jr., signed a note of Amos LADD in Wood County. There were several Cables all ready in Wood Co. and in Freedom Twp. Jacob Cable, said to be uncle of Ephraim Jr. and his sons, had settled there in the 1830's and by 1835 the township contained; Silas, Benjamin, Jonathan, & Isaac Cable. Ephraim's land was located southeast of the settlement of Pemberville and was just south of Eisenhour Ridge. Ephraim took sick with inflamation of the lungs and died 1860 at 31 years of age.{Ohio Crossroads Of Nations, by Powell. 1976 Series. & 1860 Mortality Schedule Wood Co. Freedom Twp.}

Ephraim Cable Jr. was buried on Eisenhour Ridge. Dr. H. BUCKLAND itemized his bill for services and it is contained in the Estate Settle- ment. It cover a period from April 1 through June 25 of 1860 and amounts for jouneys, medicines, and bleedings. Sometimes he made two trips out to the farm in one day. Ephraim's widow Sarah was left with three small children. She had an auction of farm implements and some of the livestock on 8 Sept. 1860 and on 30 April 1863 finally sold forty acres of the farm to settle all the debts of the estate. On August 13, 1863 Sarah married Horatio Nelson ALEXANDER of Pemberville, himself three times a widower. Sarah and Nelson had two children and he died 2 Jan. 1866 leaving her with quite a family to raise including children of his previous marriage. Sarah (Morrow) Cable Alexander lived on until December 1892 at Pemberville and in her last years with her daughter Estella at Tolodeo, Ohio. Sarah is buried at Eisenhour Ridge.

Issue of Ephraim Jr. & Sarah Cable:

(1. John O. Cable, 5 Sept. 1852, m. Ella JAMES had one daug.

(2. Emma Zelda Cable, b. 1 Dec. 1855, m. Henry BLECKE, their daughter, Winifred Emilie BLECKE, m. Julius L. SCHOBER, and their son, George SCHOBER, m. Thelma M. YOUNG. their daughter, Thelma Jane Schober mother of Michael Siversen of Bowling Green, Ohio, who compilied the history of Ephraim Cable Jr. (Source: History of the Jonathon Cable Family, by Samuel E. Weaver, 1950.

(3. Estella Cable

This history & genealogy of the Philip & Maria (Brady) Cable family has been compilied from many different types of records. I have compilied the history to the best of my knowledge, and if any mistakes have been made, it was not done by intention, but possibily due to typing error, or information received, that was not correct. Errors in any history and or genealogy are quite surely to happen, as I am sure they have occurred in this one also. Even our U.S. Census Records, and State Records prove to be incorrect many times. I do regret any mistakes that one might find, and would appreciate any corrections. Sources: Pa. , Ohio County Histories, Census, Cemetery records and descendant information.


(I) PHILIP CABLE (wf. Maria Brady)

(II) ABRAHAM CABLE (wf. Mary Magdalene)

(III) JUDGE PHILIP CABLE (wf. Dorothy Walker)

(IV) WILLIAM CABLE, b. 1807, in Ohio, died 1865, m. Sarah ROBERTS, d/o William Roberts & Sarah MANSFIELD, on 27 Sept. 1838 Jeff. Co. Ohio. Sarah Roberts, born 1823 Jeff. Co. Oh.

Issue of Wm. & Sarah (Roberts) Cable:


(1. Esther A. Cable, b. Oct. 1844 Jeff Co.m. William PORTER.

(2. Benjamin Cable, b. 1848 Jeff. Co. m. Margaret DETER

(3. James Cable, b. 3 Jun 1850 Jeff. Co. m. Mary THOMPSON

(4. Mary E. Cable, b. 1854 Jeff Co., m. George N. HENRY

(5. Jane Cable, b. 1855 Jeff. Co. m. Thomas DAUGHERTY.

(V) 1.ESTHER A. CABLE, b. Oct. 1844, m. William PORTER, 14 Sept. 1865 Jeff. Co. Ohio, he born 1830, d. before 1880 Jeff. Co.

Issue of Wm. & Esther Porter:

(VI) (1. James R. Porter, b. 1869 Jeff Co

(2. Mary E. "Mamie" Porter, b. 1873 Jeff Co

(V) 2.BENJAMIN CABLE, b. 1848 Jeff Co.m. Margaret DETER, she b. 1851 Jeff. Co. [1880 Census of Tuscarawas Co.Ohio lists Benjamin Cable & Margaret with two children: Mita 9, & Daisy 2. 1900 Census same Co. V.148, E.D., 122, Sheet 9, Line 85, Mills Twp. lists: Cable, Benjamin G. Jan 1844, age 56. b. Ohio Marguerite wife Jan 1850, " 50 " " White, Myrtle G. dau Jun 1873 27 " " Cable, Daisy D. " Jun 1878 21 " " Dexter, Matilda M-in-law Feb 1816, 74 " "

(VI) 1. Myrtle Cable, b. 1871 Tuscawaras Co. Oh

2. Daisy D. Cable, b. 1878, Tusc. Co Oh. [Census: 1900, listed, Daisy D. WHITE, living at home.]

(V) 3. JAMES CABLE, b. 3 Jun. 1850 Jeff Co. Ohio, d. 24 Dec. 1910 Jeff. Co., m. Mary THOMPSON, 2 Mar. 1882 Jeff. Co.

Issue of James & Mary Cable:


(1. William Cable, b. 1885 Jeff Co

(2. Nellie G. Cable, b. 1887 Jeff Co.

(3. Francis Cable, b. 24 Nov. 1891 Jeff Co. d. 4 Dec. 1963, Washington D.C., m/1 John COOPER, s/o Howard C. & Margaret (CLARK) Cooper. m/2 Hugh BARTLETT.

(4. James Gregg Cable

(5. Esther Cable, b. Apr. 1896, m. Arthur RUNCINAN

(6. Robert B. Cable, b. Feb 1898, resided in 1940, Klamath Falls, Id.

(7. Walter S. Cable.

(V) 4. MARY E. CABLE, b. 1854 Jeff. Co. Ohio, m. George N. HENRY, 31 Mar. 1876, Jeff Co.

Issue of George & Mary Henry:

(1. Clara Henry, b. 1877, m. William Robertson SCOTT ("Will"), s/o Winfield Scott of Steubenville. Ohio

Compiliers note: Jefferson County Pioneer Days, pg. 146 & 147...GEORGE N. HENRY IDENTIFIED WITH BUSINESS, CIVIC DEVELOPMENT.

The ancestors of the Henry family came to America at an early date and Patrick Henry is said to be connected with this branch of the family. They settled in Pennsylvania and a son, Joshua, was born there. He later came to Jefferson County where he married Miss Ann LEE, d/o James & Margaret Lee whose home was at Costonia. George N. Henry, their son, was long a well known citizen of this city. Of the vaious enterprises whith which he was connected perhaps he is best remembered by our citizens as a member of th firm of MAXWELL & HENRY whose wholesale and retail fruit business was located on the corner of Market and Court streets, where the Olympic theatre now stands. They ahd the largest concern of the kind in this section. We all have our little peculiarities and in the case of George Henry, his was to carry a carnation pink, in his mouth and he was seldom seen without it. Not being a smoker may have been one reason why he carried around his favorite flower. He had a prominent part in civic projects which brought about the extention of Steubenville's residential lines and in the development of suburban territory through building of a traction system. He was interested in the old driving park which is now the beautiful residential section of Ross Park and among the several additions to the city which he laid out or assisted to promote, was the Pleasant Heights addition to the city. He served several terms in city council,lending his influence to communtiy development. For a period of thirty years he conducted the annual distribution of Christmas baskets to the poor, the unknown donor for that period of years being the late Dohrman J. SINCLAIR. George Henry had the finest collection of elk teeth in the world, being an ardent member of the Order of Elks, he attended their conventions in all parts of the country and his prized possession was a coat which was practically covered with eighteen hundred fine specimens of elk teeth. He was also a collector of other curios, guns, etc. Hemarried Miss Mary CABLE, of an old pioneer family. They had one daughter, Clara Henry, who married Will SCOTT, s/o Mr. & Mrs, Winfield Scott of this city. Mrs. Henry is a member of the D.A.R. on the record of her ancestor, Abraham Cable, who is said to have loaned the government of the United States $50,000. when it needed that amount. He was born in Germany 1740, died 1803, Bedford Co. Penn.

JANE CABLE, b. 1855 Jeff. Co. Ohio, m. Thomas DAUGHERTY, he born 1846 Jeff. Co.

Issue of Thomas & Jane Daugherty:

(VI) (1. Harry Daugherty, b. 1874 Jeff Co. m. Mary Lula WAGGONER, 21 Nov. 1893, Jeff Co. she b. 1875. Their



(1. John C. Daugherty, b. 1894

(2. Frank C. " 1895

(3. Harry M. " 1903

(4. Charles A. " 1905

(5. Martha V. " 1907

(6. Mary E. " 1908

(7. Joseph E. " 1910

(VI) 1.WILLIAM CABLE, s/o James & Mary (Thompson)

Cable, b. Mar. 1884 Jeff. Co. d. 1926 Island Creek Cemetery, Jeff Co. m. Sophia E. COOPER, d/o Howard C & Margaret (CLARK) Cooper, on 3 Oct. 1912 Jeff. Co. she born 2 Apr 1885, Knox Twp. Jeff Co., d. 17 Oct. 1936 buried Island Creek Cem.

Issue of Wm. & Sophia Cable:

(VII) (1. Meryl V. Cable

(2. Donald H. Cable

(VI) 3. JAMES GREGG CABLE, b. 28 Oct. 1893 Jeff Co. s/o James & Mary Cable, d. 11 Nov. 1974 Toronto, Ohio buried Toronto. He married Pauline PRYSOCK, 21 Aug. 1927 Jeff. Co. Ohio

Issue of James & Pauline Cable:

(VII) (1. James G. Cable, b. 21 Nov 1941 Jeff Co. m/1 Carol Lee MILLER, 13 Apr. 1967, Jeff Co, m/2 Margarita G. CLUTTER, 25 May 1974 Jeff. Co (2. Kathern Cable

(VII) 7. WALTER S. CABLE,s/o James & Mary Cable, b. 9 Apr 1901 Jeff. Co. d. 19 Aug. 1965 Toronto, Ohio., m. Mamie Linn ENSELL, 18 Aug. 1932 Jeff. Co.

Issue of Walter & Mamie Cable:

(VIII) (1. Betty Ann Cable.

(VIII) 1. MERYL V. CABLE, b. 9 Dec 1915 Island Ck. Tp. Jeff Co. Ohio, s/o Wm. & Sophia (Cooper) Cable, m. Norma Hagan SIMPSON, 10 Jan 1942, Jeff Co. she b. 23 Jan. 1915 Steub. Ohio.

Issue of Meryl & Norma Cable:

(VIII) (1. James Cable, b. 4 Jul 1943, d. 29 Jul 1961 Steub. Ohio.

(VII) 2. DONALD H. CABLE, b. 24 Feb 1919 Isl. Ck. Tp. Jeff Co, s/o Wm. & Sophia (Cooper) Cable, m. Ruth N. MEDLEY, 10 may 1944, Morgan Field, Camp, Breckenridge, Ky. she b. 17 May 1915 Steub. Ohio. Res. in North Canton, Ohio.

Issue of Donald & Ruth Cable:

(VIII) (1. David Gregg Cable, b. 5 Nov. 1946 Wash. DC, d. 7 Nov. 1946 Wash. DC, buried Arlington Cem.

(2. Margaret Ann Cable, b. 10 Jan 1948, Wash. DC. m. Ronald Scott HOYLE, 15 Apr. 1972 North Canton, Ohio.

(3. Judith Wadene Cable, b. 24 Nov. 1951, Wash. DC. d. 19 Nov. 1958 North Canton, Oh.

THOMAS MANSFIELD m/1 Jane SHAW, they had one son, Thomas Jr. Thomas m/2 Mary HILL they had 15 ch.

Issue of Thomas & Jane (Shaw) Mansfield:

(1. Thomas Mansfield Jr.

Issue of Thomas & Mary (Hill) Mansfield:

(1. Sarah, m. Wm. ROBERTS (their dau.Sarah, m. Wm.Cable pg. 18)

(2. Catherine,m. Jeremiah BROWNING

(3. Jane, m. Charles KIMBALL

(4. Mary, m. Henry OLIVER.

(5. Hannah, m. George HOLMES

(6. Susannah, m. Caleb PUMPHREY.

(7. Rebecca, m. John OTTERHOUSE;

(8. Elizabeth m. Matthew WILKIN Jr.

(9. Rachel m. Abraham HOLMES.

(10 John

(11 Edward

(12 James

(13 Samuel

(14 William

(15 Jacob

Source; Elizabeth Mansfield Johnson, Longview, Tx. 1991]

Cable Family History & Genealogy, compilied and researched by: Mrs. William (Donna) Tivener, Sr. Finished, April 1992.




John Henry, b. 1763 Derry co. Ireland, m. 1787 Ireland to Rachael, she died, he married again to Margaret McNUTT about 1811. John came to America in 1788, then to Washington Co. Pa. and later moved to Athens Ohio in 1817.

Issue of John & Rachael Henry:

(1. John, b. 1788

(2. Matthew, b. 1792

(3. Janet, b. 1795

(4. Nancy, b. 1800

(5. Mary, b. 1802

(6. William, b. 1806

(7. James, b. 1807

(8. Rachael, b. 1809, m. Hiram CABLE, he b. 23 Jun. 106 New York,arrived in Athens Ohio in 1813.

Issue of John & Margaret (McNutt) Henry:

(1. Matthew,

(2. Robert,

(3. Janetta

(4. Nancy

1860 Sandy Tp. Sandyville P.O. Tuscarawas Co. Oh.

CABLE, JACOB 38 farmer, Pa.



MARY A. 09 "

OLIVE J./I. 07 "

JAMES W. 05 "






CABLE, DAVID F. married Fanny LOCKE on 4 June 1857 Steub. Ohio. their son,Frank, 1858. Baptism; 17 Oct. 1858. (Mrs. Fanny Cable, married George G. HOPKINS on 30 Sept. 1872.)

CABLE, WILSON ALLEN, residence 212 High St. Steub. Ohio, 1868. married Mrs.Georgianna McKENNY, 1 Dec. 1868. Children: George Boggs Cable, bap. 21 Sept. 1870; Wilson Allen Jr., bap. 18 Oct. 1871; Norman Means Cable,bap. 10 Apr. 1876, b. 23 Jan 1876; Sarah McFarland, bap. 2 Mar 1879.

CABLE, ISAAC age 33 funeral services on 13 Apr. 1884 in Union Cem. ( b. ca. 1851). Note a Isaac Cable, married Sarah McFarland.

CABLE, SAMUEL, b. 24 Mar. 1814 Butler Co. Pa., m. Roseann SHEPLER, she b. 15 Feb. 1818 Stark Co. Oh. their ch. Mary Jane, b. 11 Dec. 1830, m. 1855 to Mathew SCOTT; Henry, b. 1831, m. Evenline FISHER, 1833.

CABLE, STEPHEN, came to Ridgeville, Huron/Lorain Co. Ohio in 1812, he died Feb. 1823 Brownhelm, Huron/ Lorain Co. age betw. 49 & 57. Chloe STURGES?, she married second, 31 Jan. 1826 to Enos COOLEY.

Issue of Stephen and Chloe Cable:

(1. Owen Abner Cable,1813 Ridgeville m. Caroline PECK, 28 Aug. 1836

(2. Platt Minor, b. 1816, m. Diane WILCOX, 6 Jan 1841

(3. Stephen D., m. Polly WATERHOUSE, 2 Feb 1845 Possible children of Stephen & Chloe:

(4. Alvah Cable, Painsville,m. Martha BROOKS 31 Jul 1825 Geauga Co Ohio.

(5. Polly Cable m. Zachariah PARKER, 22 Jul 1821

(6. Emily Cable m. " " 30 Nov 1826 Huron Co. Oh.

(7. Clarissa Cable m. Nathaniel WESTON 30 Oct 1822

Platt Cable & Diane (Wilcox) had these ch. Chloe Ann, Jane L. and Ether, she lived Sugar Creek in 1850 Putnam Co. Oh.


CABLE, JOHN (-1682) & 1 wf. Sarah (?BURR) b. 1641, b. 1631?; Springfield/Fairfield, Conn.

" , JOHN (-1682) 2 wf. Ann (BETTS), w/o Roger Betts, d. 31 Aug. 1658, 1660?; b. 1652?; Fairfield, Conn.

" , JOHN (1641-1673) & Elizabeth ____?____, m/2 Thomas SHERWOOD, ca. 1661,Fairfield, Conn.

" , JOHN & Abigal (SHERWOOD), b. 1701 Fairfield, Conn.

" , JOSEPH & Abigal (ADAMS); m/2 Elijah CRANE, b. 1701 Fairfield, Conn.

Cable Family History & Genealogy, compilied and researched by: Mrs. William (Donna) Tivener, Sr. Dated: April 1992.

Undated Feb. 2001.

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