Class of 1879?

I just received a few CDV photos from around 1879 of a class of 
students and was wondering if you could help me with them. The photos were 
taken by (Harry) except one which is by (G. W. WEISER) on the corner of 
Fourth and Market Streets, steubenville, Ohio. One lady appears to be a 
mother or teacher and her photo was glued to the album. Also the girls 
seemed to come from different towns around the country. I notice there is a 
Catholic school near by but it says it was founded 55 years ago so I don't 
know where these girls attended class but it appears like this was a college 
or private school.
Lillie R. Neff of Mingo Junction, Ohio.
Madge S. Camphill?(illegable) of South Salem, Ohio. has the letters in 
Jennie Mclery?(illedgable) of Cadiz, Ohio. says June 6th on it.
M Gertrude Jackson....Apollo, Penn.
Rachil? (illegable) S. whitman? Sunbury, Penn......S.F.S.
Ada M McBryan....Apollo, Penn.
Any help would be appreciated

Contributed by: Mike Bentley

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