A. J. McCarty


A. J. McCARTY, proprietor of marble and granite works at No. 108 Eighth Street, Steubenville and one of the city's reliable business men, was born in Frederick County, Virginia, in 1858, and resided there until he was eighteen years of age. After deciding on the trade that he wished to learn, Mr. McCarty went to Wheeling and put himself under a skilled workman in marble and granite and served out a full apprenticeship. He had a natural aptitude for the business and learned rapidly and after a training of four years was an expert workman. He went into the monument business in Wayne County, Ohio, where he continued until 1894, when he came to Steubenville, where for eight years he was manager for Mrs. W. J. Archer and then engaged in the business for himself. He does all kinds of monumental and vault work, plain or ornate, and many of the resting places of the dead in and around Steubenville are beautified with specimens of his artistic chiseling. In 1882 Mr. McCarty was married to Miss Belle McLaughlin, of Wayne County, ohio, and they have three children: Lloyd J., Arthur J. and Delpha, the second son being associated with the father. Mr. McCarty is identified with the order of Maccabees.

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