Alfred Newson


ALFRED NEWSON, was born in Steubenville, but spent the greater part of his life in Philadelphia. Of his parents nothing is known, except that his mother was unmarried. He was a deaf mute. He left Steubenville at the time Cole and Watkins came. In his early days he made many interesting sketches on the board fences which showed the possibilities in the boy that were afterwards developed. His faculties of observation were very keen, and he would see the minutest detail of an object, retaining the impression in his remarkable memory. At Philadelphia he entered a large book publishing house, where he devoted his talents to illustrating as well as making the engravings. He was known as one of the finest engravers in the country, and many of the books of his day gave evidence of his skill. William R Dickenson went to Philadelphia some years after Newson had located there, and calling on the young man, had a long voncersation with him in writing. Mr. Dickenson expressed a doubt as to whether Newson knew him, whereupon Newson drew a picture of Steubenville, a perfect plat of the ground as well as of the improvements, not forgetting to draw the defects in the buildings. The drawing was so well done and the proportions of the houses so nearly perfect they seemed to have been made to scale. Another gentleman from Steubenville called to see Newson in Philadelphia years after. During the conversation Newson drew a picture of the gentleman's house so perfectly that it was immediately recognized.

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