B. L. Joyce


B. L. JOYCE, superintendent and stockholder of the Steubenville Pottery Company at Steubenville, O., was born at East Liverpool, O., in 1860 and was educated there and at Wellsville. Mr. Joyce's connection with the clay industry began in boyhood when he entered the Buford Brothers pottery works at Esast Liverpool, where he worked his way up to be superintendent of the plant. From there he came to Steubenville as superintendent of the kiln department of the Steubenville Pottery, later was made assistant superintendent by W. B. Donaldson, the former owner, and for the past ten years has been the very efficient superintendent of the whole plant. He is a very active citizen, a member of the Chamber of COmmerce, of the city council and of the board of education.

In 1881 Mr. Joyce was married to Miss Katherine McCune, and they have three children: Martha, residing at Newark, O., who is the wife of Raymond Rodgers; Howard, who is traveling representative for a wholesale commercial firm of Grand Rapids, Mich., with headquarters at Toledo, O.; and Margaret, who lives with her parents. Mr. Joyce and family are members of the Methodist Protestant Church at Steubenville, and he belongs to its official board. He is interested in and identified with the Y. M. C. A.

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