Chase D. Cooper, M.D.


CHASE D. COOPER, M.D., formerly a successful and beloved physcian, whose decade of professional life passed at New Cumberland, W. Va., and Toronto, O., was born in the old Cooper homestead near Port Homer, Jefferson County, Ohio, March 26, 1872, and died at his home in the latter place, November 22, 1909. His parents are Ephraim W. and Harriet S. (Stewart) Cooper.

Chase D. Cooper spent his happy boyhood on the home farm, this adjective being appropriate, for his was a cheerful disposition and his whole life, in spite of its cares and responsibilities, was one of optimisim. His mere presence in a sick room, during his practice, was helpful and stimulating. He early made a choice of profession and thereafter directed his studies along the line of medicine, and after completing the High School course at Wellsville entered the medical department of the Ohio State University, and subsequently the Illinois Medical College, and was graduated from the latter institution in the class of 1898. He entered into practice at New Cumberland and came from there to Toronto. Dr. Cooper possessed all the qualities which go to the making of a good physcian, and not the least of these was a tender sympathy for those in distress and a human desire aside from his professional one, to give aid and relieve suffering. This decotion to his profession and the heavy demands that it made on him no doubt hastened the developement of the disease which had attacked his system. Had he been less self-sacrificing, less concerned for the well being of his patients, he might have found time to take remedial measures for himself. His ailment developed rapidly and reluctantly he had to give up his practice, after which the end soon came. It will be many years before the memory of this kind hearted, gentle mannered gentleman and able and faithful physcian has passed out of the minds of those who loved, admired and appreciated him.

Dr. Cooper was married October 19, 1899, to Miss Lena M. Lockhart, who survives with their three little daughters: Marjory, Alice and Elizabeth.

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