Christopher Landmire


CHRISTOPHER LANDMIRE, conducting a successful grocery business at No. 1132 Lincoln Avenue, Steubenville, has been a resident of this city for forty-three years. He was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1852 and was two years old when his parents brought him to America.

Mr. Landmire attended both an English and German school at Wheeling, W. Va., where his parents settled, and remained there until fourteen years of age, when he came to Jefferson County and went to work for Thomas Bair on a farm and dairy, and remained there until he was married, when almost twenty-one years of age. After that he worked for about fourteen years in the old Jefferson Iron Works and afterward drove a huckster wagon for John Wilson, and worked in the latter's store for ten years. Mr. Landmire then followed the huckster business for himself for seven years, after which he embarked in his present line and has prospered in the same. He is also interested to some degree in city real estate.

In 1873 Mr. Landmire was married to Miss Martha L. Lee, a daughter of Wilson Lee, of an old county family, and they have five children: Minnie, who is the wife of John DeVore, residing on Sinclair Avenue, Steubenville; George, who is associated with his father in business; and Bertha, Francis and Charles. One dughter, Eva, is deceased. Mr. Landmire and family attend the Christian Church.

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