Cyrus M. Yocum


CYRUS M. YOCUM, lumber dealer and contractor, at No. 1159 Stanton Boulevard, Steubenville, O., is one of the representative business men of this city. He was born in Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1852, and is a son of David Yocum, one of the early settlers and a farmer in Jefferson County for a number of years.

Cyrus M. Yocum remained on the home farm until eighteen years of age, and then learned the carpenter trade at Steubenville and worked as a carpenter for about seven years, after which he went into roofing and contracting, which he continued until 1901, when he turned the roofing interest over to his son, Floyd Yocum, who still continues it. Mr. Yocum then gave more attention to other lines and has sucessfully carried on a large lumber, together with a general contracting business. ever since. He takes an active interest in local politics and his public spirit as a citizen and his stability as a man have frequently caused his election to responsible civic offices. He has served usefully in the city council and was a member of the board of public works when the new water works system was installed, a most desireable public utility, with a plant not excelled in any other city in eastern Ohio.

In 1872 Mr. Yocum was married to Miss Margaret Culp, of Jefferson County, and to them were born the following children: Floyd M.; Mary, who married John Moreland, of Jefferson County; Daisy, who married Percy H. Harris, of Steubenville; Birdie, who married Rev. E. D. Salkeld, a minister of the Christian Church, located at Lakewood, O.; Cyrus M., who is pastor of the Central Christian Church at Cincinnati; Albert B., who resides at Steubenville; Margaret, who married Harry S. Welch, of Steubenville; and Gilbert, Elsie, and Florence, who reside at home. Mr. and Mrs. Yocum are members of the Steubenville Christian Church, of which he is a trustee. He belongs to the Royal Areanum and to the Odd Fellows.

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