Charles W. Harrah


CHARLES W. HARRAH, who resides on the old Harrah homestead in Wayne Township, Jefferson COunty, Ohio, and owns 214 acres, has been a general farmer and stock raiser for many years. He was born in Wayne Township, March 7, 1856, and is a son of John and Jane (Taggart) Harrah.

John Harrah was also born in Wayme Township, June 14, 1814, in which he spent his entire life. His father was James G. Harrah, who came to Jefferson County from Pennsylvania in 1801, entering land in Wayne Township, a part of which his grandson, Charles W. Harrah still owns. Both James G. and John Harrah were men of sterling character. The latter was a leading member of the Presbyterian Church and was active throughout his life in forwarding all movements which looked to the general welfare. In politics he was a Democrat. He died October 14, 1893, in his eightieth year, respected and esteemed by all who had known him in life. He married Jane Taggart, who was born in Harrison County, Ohio, July 2, 1817, and they had six children, two of whom survive: Charles W. and Melissa J., the latter whom is the widow of Thomas V. Holmes, formerly of Green Township, Harrison County. Mrs. Harrah died October 14, 1901, in her eighty-fifth year.

Charles W. Harrah attended the country schools in his boyhood and enjoyed one term at Hopedale College, then located at Hopedale, Ohio. Reared on the farm, from youth he has been acquainted with all farm details and in the management of his large property this has often been of great advantage. Formerly he gave considerable attention to raising sheep, having from 200 to 250 head at a time, but has withdrawn from this industry in the last few years, finding more profit in other lines. On his land stands an old barn which was built in 1845 and thus is something of a landmark. This piece of timber in it. Its dimensions are 56 x 42 feet, and when recently repaired it was found to be not more than one inch out of plumb.

On October 17, 1888, Mr. Harrah was married to Miss Mary B. Foster, who was born at Smithfield, Ohio, March 29, 1863, a daughter of David and Mary (Whitten) Foster. Her father is now in his eighty-sixth year, having been born December 4, 1824, in Pennsylvania. He has been a resident of Springfield since he was about thirty years old. A shoe maker by trade he has missed very few working days and now, in good health, he is to be found at his bench every day. Mrs. Foster was born in Smithfield, March 29, 1832, and has always lived there. Both are hale and hearty and in full possession of their faculties.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrah had three sons born to them, namely: Orville F., who is a student at Scio College, in Harrison County; Franklin W., who is a graduate of the High School at Jewett, Ohio; and Charles W., who is in attendance at Jewett High School. Mr. Harrah and wife are members of the Presbyterian Church at Hopedale. Prior to her marriage, Mrs. Harrah was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, all her people belonging to that religious body. He is a Repulican in politics but he is a very well informed and progressive man and in some cases is inclined to cast his vote independent of party. He is numbered with the representative men of Wayne Township.

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