David D. Huscroft


DAVID D. HUSCROFT, recorder of Jefferson County, Ohio, and one of the rising young politicians of Steubenville, was born in 1885 in Steubenville, Ohio, and is a son of James Huscroft, who is a resident of Cross Creek Township, this county. David D. Huscroft obtained his educational training in the local schools of Steubenville after which he spent two years as bookkeeper for the National Biscuit Company. He was then for two years in the employ of the Wellsburg, O., after which he became deputy recorder under Charles Myers. Mr. Huscroft has always taken an active interest in politics, and in November, 1908, was elected recorder of Jefferson County, but assumed the responsibilities of the office in October, 1908, after the death of former recorder Charles Myers and in September, 1909, took up in the beginning of his term as recorder. In 1905 Mr. Huscroft was joined in the bonds of wedlock with Jane Myers, of Toronto, Jefferson County, Ohio.

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