David H. Jones


DAVID H. JONES, president of the board of trustees of Wayne Township, Jefferson County, Ohio, and a member of the town council of Bloomfield, was born in Wayne Township, November 7, 1875, and is a son of John and Sarah J. (Naylor) Jones.

John Jones and wife were both born in Jefferson County, where he died in 1903. He was a son of Joseph Jones, one of the early settlers of Wayne Township, and the whole of his long and useful life was spent here. In every relation of life he was a man of fine character. His political sentiments made him a Republican. He was a valued member of the Presbyterian Church at Bloomfield, Ohio, and at times served as a trustee. He married Sarah J. Naylor, who has reached her seventy-eighth year and resides at Bloomfield. Of their twelve children the following survive: Charles A., who lives in Wayne Township; Martha J., who is the wife of S. M. Cope, lives at Carnegie, Pa.; William R., who is a resident of Pittsburgh; Ruth E., who is the wife of Thomas M. Bell, of Wayne Township; Mary E., who is the wife of J. C. Patton, of New Rumley, Ohio; Amos G., who is a resident of Carnegie; John O., who resides at Pittsburgh; Venia S., who is the wife of N. R. Bell, of Martin;s Ferry, Ohio; David H.; Anna H., who is the wife of T. M. Snodgrass, of Salem Township; and Flossie M., who is the wife of Joseph Welday, of Dennison, Ohio. One son, Joseph, is deceased. The mother of the above family is a member and constant attendant of the Presbyterian church at Bloomfield.

David H. Jones grew to manhood in his native township and was educated in the schools of Bloomfield. His business has ever since been farming and stock raising and his well cultivated land and herds and flocks testify to the success which has attended his efforts. From early manhood he has been more or less active in politics and his fellow citizens have recognized his excellent qualifications for public service by frequently electing him to office. He is serving in his second term as township trustee and as president of the board directs its deliberations along sound business lines.

Mr. Jones was married November 24, 1897, to Miss Emma V. Bowers, who was born at Clinton, Iowa, a daughter of Henry F. Bowers, a well known attorney there and the founder and present supreme president of the Order of A. P. A. Mr. and Mrs. Jones have two sons: Henry F. and Claude R. They are members of the Presbyterian Church at Bloomfield, in which he has been an elder for several years. He is a Republican.

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