E. A. King


E. A. KING, for many years was a wel known citizen of Island Creek Township and was proprietor and founder of Kingsdale Gardens, a richly cultivated tract of forty acres devoted to market gardening. Mr. King was about sixty-four years of age at the time of his death, which occurred October 26, 1896. He was a native of Paterson, N. J.

In early manhood Mr. King established himself at Pittsburgh, Pa., and from there came to Jefferson County, Ohio, where he engaged in general farming and gardening, first in Steubenville Township and later in Island Creek Township. Many dealers in Steubenville and Toronto have depended for a long time for their choice produce to be dhipped them from Kingsdale Gardens, and Mr. King also shipped at times to New Cumberland, W. Va. He was a very successful gardner and had his products on the market very early in the year, often before the southern shippers were prepared for business. In addition to this tract, Mr. King's estate contained other farms, aggregating 205 acres, all valuable land. The business is still continued by the firm of King Brothers, made up of the three sons of the late E. A. King.

Mr. King married Miss Amelia Campbell, of Allegheny, Pa., and three sons were born to them: Alexander, Ezra A., and David. All reside in Island Creek Township and all are interested in Kingsdale Gardens. Alexander King, the senior member, was born at Allegheny, Pa., in 1856, and was a small boy when he accompanied his parents to Jefferson County. This is a very important business concern of Jefferson County, one of the best conducted and most extensive as well as entirely reliable in its line. The widow of Mr. King survived until March, 1904.

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