Elmer E. Francy


ELMER E. FRANCY, who has large business interests at Steubenville and other points, has been vice president of the People's National Bank of this city since it was organized in 1905. He was born April 12, 1862, near Toronto, O., and is a son of the late John and Jane (Wilson) Francy.

John Francy, who was the founder of the firm of John Francy & Sons, at Toronto, was one of the pioneer manufacturers of fire-brick and sewer-pipe in Jefferson County. He was born in County Antrim, Ireland, in 1830, and came to America in 1850. Before he established his plant at Steubenville, he had already operated large sewer-pipe works at other places and for years had been prominent in the clay industry. He retired from the business at Toronto in 1883, and three years later from his interests at Toronto, and then moved to Washington City, later returning to Toronto where his death occurred. He was married in Ireland March 26, 1850, to Jane Wilson and they had five sons and two daughters.

Elmer E. Francy was educated at Toronto, O., and Pittsburgh, Pa., and then became interested in his father's business. He gained practical experience in the sewer-pipe works at Utica, Ill., and was identified with the clay industry until 1901, in 1883 becoming a member of the firm of John Francy & Sons. He is also interested in the Luck Construction Company, of Roanoke, Va.

In 1886 Mr. Francy was married to Miss M. Louise Taylor, of Utica, Ill., and they have one daughter, Katherine T., who resides at home. Mr. Francy is a member of the Presbyterian Church. He is identified with the Country Club and belongs to the Steubenville Chamber of Commerce.

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