E. Stanton Pearce


E. STANTON PEARCE, attorney-at-law, and official court reporter of Jefferson County, Ohio, is one of the leading younger professional men of Steubenville. He comes of illustrious ancestry, and was born on the 5th day of July, 1876, at his father's residence, the former homestead of Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, at Steubenville, O., where he has ever since lived, and is the youngest son of Dr. Enoch and Cecelia J. (Savary) Pearce. His middle name was given to him as a result of the warm friendship which existed between his father and Mr. Stanton.

Mr. Pearce recieved his early education in the Steubenville public schools and graduated from high school in 1894. He then took up the study of phonography, solely as an adjunct to his chosen profession, law, and became so proficientin the art that he began reporting in the courtsof Jefferson and Harrison Counties.

While engaged in court work Mr. Pearce continued the study of law, prepared for college with a local attorney, and then entered the law department of the University of Michigan, and in October, 1899, took the examination for admission to the Ohiobar and was highly successful in passing, when forty-nine percent of the applicants failed, being admitted to the bar on October 14, 1899.

He immediatly became associated in the practice of law with Mr. P.P. Lewis, at Steubenville, O., and on January 1, 1901, was appointed official reporter of the courts of Jefferson County, a position which he still retains, being recognized as one of the most skillful and accurate court reporters in his native state.

By reason of his continuous contact with varios courts and his broad experience in legal amtters, Mr. Pearce has maturally acquired and especially comprehensive knowledge of the law for one of his years, and, although engaged as court reporter, he still keeps up his law practice which is becoming more extensive with each succeeding year.

As a native of the city of Steubenville, he is closely identified with its civic, social and business interests, being a stockholder in some of he city's financial institutions, and has other interests.

Mr. Pearce is a member of the Ohio State Bar Association, the Jefferson County Bar Association amd the National Shorthand repotrers' Association. He is a Knight Templar and Scottish Rite Mason, a member of the Steubenville Country Club and the Assembly and attends St. Paul's Church.

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