Earle T. Jenney


EARLE T. JENNEY, landscape architect, who came to Steubenville, Ohio, in 1904 to assume the superintendency of the Union Cemetery, has also a professional reputation in several other states. He was born at Greenwich, in Huron County, Ohio, in the fall of 1874.

Mr. Jenney was educated at Earlham and Oberlin Colleges, after which he taught school for several winters and then spent some years in securing his technical taining. At the opening of the Spanish-American War he enlisted, but an accident to one hand caused him to be rejected, and since then he has been continously occupied with work along professional lines. His beginning was as his father's assistant. For three years he was located at South Bend, Ind.; also was professionally engaged in Michigan and later at Rock Springs Park, in Chester, W. Ca.; also made the decorative plans for the grounds of the Odd Fellows' Home in West Virginia, and has had equally important contracts at other points. In August, 1904, he came to Steubenville and took charge of the Union Cemetery. He has some 200 acres under his supervision and has done a great work here.

Mr. Jenney was married in May, 1903, to Miss Mary Edith Hall, of Laporte, Ind., and they have two children: Ruth Hall and William Earle. Mr. Jenney is a member of the Steubenville Chamber of Commerce and of the Country Club.

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