Rev. George Buchanan


REV. GEORGE BUCHANAN, among the pioneer clergy, who organized the first United Presbyterian Church. He was born in York, Pa., in 1783, and graduated at Dickinson College and studied theology under the celebrated Dr. Mason and graduated in the first class of the first theological seminary established in this country. He established churches at Richmond and Paris, Pa. Rev. Buchanan also opened a classical school for boys in the basement of his residence on upper Market Street, among the number being Edwin M. Stanton; Dr. John Newton, the first American missionary to India; Judge Johnson, of Cincinnati; Judge Wilson, of Iowa; John Hoge, lawyer, of San Francisco; the Wellses, Wrights, Dohrmans, Tappans, Sutherlands, George Beatty, and others, who became prominent. He was in demand throughout the countryside to perform the marriage ceremony and married five hundred couples during his ministry, and had some rich experiences, and at one time after riding to Island Creek to marry a couple, the groom offered to pay the fee in a bushel of castor oil beans, which were jocosely declined. He was chaplain of the regiment which rendezvoused here in the War of 1812. A report came in that the British and Indians were going to sweep down on the city, and the soldiers were panic-stricken. Rev. Buchanan called them together in the court house and preached a powerful sermon from the text, "Go up to battle, for the Lord is with you." This inspired great courage, and, riding his famous horse, "Punch" he led the host to rout the enemy, but, alas, it was a false alarm.

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