George E. Sharp


GEORGE E. SHARP, Son of William L. Sharp and father of A. B. Sharp, in addition to manufacturing he (William L. Sharp) enlarged the scope of his business, adding hardware and stoves to the goods, handled, and in 1847 he organized the Ohio Foundry, which was later conducted under the firm name of W. L. Sharp & Son, and is one of the largest in its special line in the country, the plant being located in that section of Steubenville bounded by Slack Street and the Pan Handle Railroad. He remained alone until 1865, when he took his son, George E. Sharp, into partnership in his foundry business and later his grandson, A. B. Sharp was admitted, but William L. Sharp continued his personal interest until the close of his life. The present business is conducted by George E. Sharp and his son, A. B. Sharp, under the firm name of The Ohio Foundry Company.

The photos at the top of this article are R-George E. SHarp and L-A. B. Sharp.

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