Guy Johnston


GUY JOHNSTON, vice-president of the National Bank of Toronto, O., and manager and treasurer of the Guy Johnston Company, builders and contractors, dealers in lumber and operators of a large planning mill at this place, has been a resident of Toronto for a quarter of a century and is identified with its leading interests. Mr. Johnston was born at Steubenville, O., September 8, 1860, and is a son of William B. and Louisa (Chambers) Johnston. He bears the honored name of his grandfather, who came to America from Ireland in 1830, and lived and died at Steubenville.

In his native city, Mr. Johnston was reared and educated. He learned the carpenter's trade in Steubenville and Pittsburgh and then came to Toronto, where he worked as a carpenter for eight years. He first established himself in business at Steubenville, as president of the Union Lumber COmpany, but maintained his home at Toronto, and in 1902 founded his present large enterprise in the latter city. This was incorporated in 1904, with the following officers: B. F. Myers, president; W. R. Gooch, vice-president; W. B. Johnston, secretary; and Guy Johnston, general manager and treasurer. He has numerous other business interests, being president of the Ohio Plaster and Supply Company, of Steubenville, and president of the People's Sanitary Sewer Company, of Toronto. He has been an active and interested citizen for many years and is serving as a member of the Toronto council.

Mr. Johnston was married to Miss Mollie Lashley and they have had three children: William B., who is secretary of the Guy Johnston Company; Mary Olive; and James Stewart, the latter of whom died at the age of twenty-one years.

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