G. L. Anderson


G. L. ANDERSON, manager of the Cavitt Lumber Company, of Steubenville, O., a member of the Chamber of Commerce and a representative citizen along many lines, was born at Steubenville, May 1, 1875.

Leonard Anderson, the father of G. L. ANderson, was also born at Steubenville, about 1859, and was one of the highly respected retired residents of this city. His father Louis Anderson, who was born in Jefferson County, near Steubenville, and was a son of Peter Anderson, who came to Jefferson County in 1815. Peter Anderson acquired and dealt in real estate and was also one of the early shoemakers. His descendants became lumber dealers and G. L. Anderson's grandfather was one of the pioneer lumber men of Steubenville. Leonard Anderson made lumber his business interest and for many years dealt extensively.

G. L. Anderson was educated in the Steubenville school and has always been engaged in the lumber trade. He has been manager of the Cavitt Lumber Company ever since its organization, in April, 1909, his long connection with this industry making him particularly well fitted for such a position.

Mr. Anderson was married April 12, 1889, to Miss Katie J. Kane, of Mingo, Jefferson County, Ohio, and they have four sons: Walter, Lawrence, Clarence and Stewart. Mr. Anderson and family belong to the Hamline Methodist Episcopal Church. He is identified with Steuben Lodge No. 1, Knights of Pythias and with the order of Modern Woodmen.

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