George P. Harden


GEORGE P. HARDEN, who is engaged in the fraternal insurance business at Steubenville, has spent many years of his life in this place and is well and favorably known all over Jefferson County. He was born at Wheeling, O., in 1859, and was nine years old when he came to Stuebenville.

After attending school at Steubenville and at Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Mr. Harden became a clerk in the office of the sity waterworks department, and later, for a number of years filled various positions with the old Jefferson Iron Works Company, during his last ten years being secretary and treasurer of the works. In 1895 he was elected auditor of Jefferson County and served in that office for three consecutive terms of three years each. After retiring from the public service he spent eighteen months in Washington D.C., engaged with iron and steel interests. For a number of years he has been identified with the fraternal organization known as the North American Union and on December 1, 1909, he was appointed district manager for this insurance body, one which has very high standing. He has additional interests in other directions. He is identified also with the beneficiary order of the Protected Home Circle, the order of Elks, and has taken eighteen degrees in Masonry.

Mr. Harden was married in 1884 to Miss Althea V. Bilderback, who was born at Pittsburgh and who died at Steubenville in 1908. She is survived by four children: Ralph C., who is with the La Belle Iron Works; Hobart B., Althea L., and George P. Jr. Mr. Harden is a member of St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

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