George W. MacMillan


GEORGE WHITFIELD MacMILLAN, president of Richmond College, and a retired Presbyterian minister, was born August 19, 1827, in York County, Pa., and received his early schooling at West Alexander Academy under D. D. John McClusky. He graduated from that academy, which at that time was very efficient and practically a college, and then attended the Princeton Theological Seminary, from which he graduated with the class of 1857, under Dr. Alexander. His first call was to the Princetown Presbyterian Church, of which he had charge six years, then went to Lithopolis, Ohio, where he remained three years, after which he was pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Brunswick, Ill., for four years. He then spent two years at Butler, Mo., one and a half years at Osceolo, Mo., and fifteen years at Perrineville, N. J., and in the fall of 1888 accepted his present position as president of Richmond College. After coming to Richmond, Dr. MacMillan was chosen pastor of the Bacon Ridge and Richmond Presbyterian Churches and preached at those two places for eighteen years. He retired from the active duties of the ministry in 1910. Dr. MacMillan is the owner of Richmond College, which was established in 1835 as a subscription college, and at one time had as many as 100 students enrolled. The college building is a two-story structure, 80 by 34 feet, and the college grounds cover a tract of eleven acres. He also owns sixteen and one-half acres of farm land adjoining the college property. Dr. MacMillan is a man of considerable literary ability and has published two books, one entitled, The Coming Millennium, and the other, Creation and the Development of the Universe. In 1858 Dr. MacMillan was joined in marriage with Nancy MacMillan, who is a daughter of Samuel MacMillen, and to them were born the following children: John K.; Ida, who married Professor Sherman of Orange, N. J.; George W., a practicing physician of Lakewood, N. J.; William T., a physician of Perrineville, N. J.; Charles H., general superintendent of steel works in Canada; James A., who resides on an adjoining farm; Calvin Edward, a physician, who is at present traveling in the West; Anna, who married a Dr. Hobson, of Missouri; and Grace, a trained nurse of New York City. In politics Dr. MacMillan is independent.

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