Henry C. Iddings


HENRY COIT IDDINGS, township trustee and leading farmer of Saline Township, Jefferson County, Ohio, was born on the farm on which he resides, one of the most valuable in this part of the county, July 24, 1871. His parents were Henry and Ruth Ella (Moore) Iddings.

Henry Iddings was born in the Scotch settlement in Columbiana County, Ohio, and was brought to Saline Township, Jefferson County when two years old and spent his life here. He was a man of unusual business capacity and became a man of wealth through farming and dealing in stock. At various times he acquired land and at the time of his death, in August, 1906, when aged eighty-four years, he left an estate of 1,000 acres to his family. During a large portion of his life he was a strong adherent of the Republican party, but in his later years identified himself with the Prohibitionists. On many occassions he acceptably filled township offices. Both he and his wife were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Hammondsville. He married Ruth Ella Moore, who was reared in Richalnd Township, Belmont County, Ohio and died in Jefferson County in 1898, at the age of sixty-seven years. She was a daughter of Rev. James A. Moore, a Methodist minister. They had eight children, namely: James M., who conducts the home farm with his brother, Henry C.; Sarah Jane, who is the wife of W. C. Yeagley, of Knox Township; William H., who is engaged in frming, near Somerset; Sue Ellen, who is the wife of W. C. Parsons, of Cleveland; Edward K., who is a farmer in Harrison County; Henry C.; Cora E., who is the wife of Malcolm R. Hart, of St. Louis; and Esther E., who is the wife of James A. McMillan, of Richmond, Jefferson County.

Henry Coit Iddings attended school at Hollow Rock and afterward went to work on the home farm which has occupied him ever since. The farm contains 1,000 acres, and is underlaid with coal and also a fine vein of a particularly valuable clay. Farming and stock raising are the industries pursued here with great success.

In March, 1907, Mr. Iddings was married to Miss Nettie Jarvis, a daughter of T. L. Jarvis, of Stark County, Ohoi, and they have one son who bears the family name of Henry Iddings. In politics, Mr. Iddings is a Republican and he is serving as a member of the township board of trustees.

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