Rev. Isaac L. Kinsey


REV. ISAAC L. KINSEY, pastor of the Friends' Church of Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, was born at Mt. Pleasant, June 20, 1861, and is a son of William G. and Mercy (Lloyd) Kinsey.

William G. Kinsey was born at Wilmington, Del., May 19, 1821. His father was Nathaniel Kinsey, who was born and reared at Philadelphia, Pa., where the English family of Kinseys had settled in colonial days. The family records show that the first of this family to come to America was John Kinsey, who located in 1677 on what seemed to him to be desireable and tillable land, which later was portioned off and for two centuries has been the site of the city of Philadelphia. Nathaniel Kinsey inherited an estate from his father in the State of Delaware, near Wilmington, on the Bristol Turnpike Road. He married Hannah Griffith, of Bucks County, Pa., a member of an old Welsh family. They died about 1865 and were interred at Cincinnati. Of their numerous children, William G. Kinsey, the venerable father of Rev. Kinsey, is the only survivor and he is in his ninetieth year. In 1840 he accompanied his parents to Cincinnati, the journey at that time being considered a long one, for which great preparations were made. The comfortable old family carriage was called into requisition and the new National Turnpike made the trip as far as Wheeling a comparatively simple matter. There the carriage, horses, people and luggage all went on the boat and were thus transferred to the Ohio side of the river. For twenty years afterward William G. Kinsey made Cincinnati his home. In 1860 he came to Mt. Pleasant purchasing a farm of 100 acres situated one mile south of the town and here he carried on agricultural pursuits until the infirmities of age crept upon him. In his earlier years he had worked as a leather finisher, a trade he learned in Philadelphia. For the past twelve years he has resided at Alliance, Ohio, and despite his weight of years, possesses fair physical powers and all his mental faculties.

William G. Kinsey married Mercy Lloyd, who was born in what is now the Oscar Patterson farm-house, on the old Lloyd farm, two miles south of Mt. Pleasant, in 1828. Her parents were Isaac and Ruth (Harrison) Lloyd, the father being a native of York County, Pa. The mother was a member of the old Harrison family of Virginia which has contributed many distinguished statesman to the United States. For five years after their marriage William G. Kinsey and wife resided at Cincinnati and then came to Mt. Pleasant. They had nine children born to them, as follows: Thomas E., who resides at Richmond, Ind., and for twenty-two years has been treasurer and superintendent of the Richmond Natural Gas Company; Margaret, who is the wife of Prof. John K. Jenkins, of CLeveland; William, who died when aged five years; Isaac L., our direct subject; Edward F., residing at Alliance, Ohio, who is a traveling salesman for the Oliver China Company; Annie Ruth, who resides with her parents at Alliance; Samuel A., who is in the shoe business at Alliance; Mary E., who resides with her parents; and one that died in infancy. It woul dbe necessary to trace backward through history to the beginning of the religious movement which resulted in the organization of the Society of Friends to find the first identification of the Kinsey familywith this body.

Isaac L. Kinsey attended the Mt. Pleasant High School and took the seminary course at Westtown, near Philadelphia, leaving school in the autumn of 1883. His first pastorate was in Matthews County, Va., where his circuit covered three churches. He remained there for three years, afterward serving three years at Portsmouth, after which he traveled for several years through the New England States and the South as an evangelist. For the past six years he hs been pastor of the Friends' Church at Mt. Pleasant and is president of the Jefferson County Sunday school Association. He has practically devoted his whole life to ministerial and philanthropic work. He is an able minister and eloquent orator, a man of fine address and he is held in the highest esteem by all who know him. In his political views he is in accord with the Republican party.

Rev. Isaac L. Kinsey was married September 25, 1889, to Miss Edith Cattell, a daughter of Ezra and Ruthanna (Patterson) Cattell. At the time of her birth her parents lived in Harrison County, Ohio, and from there moved later to Mt. Pleasant. She graduated at the Mt. Pleasant High School and was also a student in Raisin Valley Seminary, in Michigan. Two daughters have been born to Rev. Isaac L. Kinsey and wife, Alice E. and Wilma Virginia. The former is a graduate of the Mt. Pleasant High School and a student at the Ohio University at Athens, Ohio.

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