Isaac M. Scott


ISAAC M. SCOTT, president of the La Belle Iron Works, one of the large and important business enterprises of Steubenville, is a man of large experience in this great industry, having been more or less connected with it all his life. He was born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, in 1866.

Mr. Scott was mainly reared in Belmont COunty, Ohio, where he also attended school and then went to work at Bridgeport, in the old Aetna Iron Works and continued there from 1883 until 1894. In the latter year he combined his capital and services with those of others and they built the Beaver Tin Plate Company plant, at Lisbon, Columbiana County, organizing a sompany which later disposed of this to the American Tin Plate Company, the transaction taking place in 1898. Mr. Scott then returned to Bridgeport and became secretary of the Aetna Standard Iron and Steel Company of that place and continued there two years, when the plant was sold to the National Steel Company and Mr. Scott went to New York as auditor of the American Sheet Steel Company, a position he continued to fill until 1903, when he came to Steubenville. In less than one year later he was made president of the La Belle Iron Works and took charge of this independent plant, the largest in the country. He has additional interests and is a representative and able business man of his time.

In 1890, Mr. Scott was married to Miss Flora Dickerson, of Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson County, Ohio, anbd they have three sons: H. B., who is a freshman at Yale College; Henry, who is a student in the Hotchkiss Preparatory School; and Arthur M., who is at home. Mr. Scott is a member and one of the board of trustees of the Second Presbyterian Church of Steubenville. He is identified with the Steubenville Chamber of COmmerce and the Country Club.

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