James A. Frazer


JAMES A. FRAZER, in association with his son, Gilbert N. Frazer, conducts a large business enterprise at Steubenville, under the firm name of the Frazer Heating & Ventilating Company, at No. 214 Market Street, and is a representative of old pioneer families of this section. James A. Frazer was born at Millersburg, Holmes County, Ohio, March 4, 1847, and is a son of James and Eliza (Gray) Frazer and a grandson of James Frazer.

Robert Gray, the maternal grandfather of Mr. Frazer, with his brother, James Gray, came to Steubenville from Baltimore, Md., in 1793, and the former was a leading plaster contractor of his day and the latter operated the first brickyard established here. They were men of means and enterprise and after Robert Gray had purchased much land, including what is now the Second Ward of Steubenville, together they laid it out as it is today. James Frazer, father of James A. Frazer, was a farmer and gardner, and he came to Steubenville in 1821.

James A. Frazer was small when his parents took up their permanent residence in Steubenville. His first work was at glass cutting, later he helped his father in gardening and in marketing produce. In 1863 he enlisted for service in the State Guards, under Captain Prentiss, and in the spring of 1864, at Steubenville, Ohio, entered into the regular service, enlisting in the 157th O. Vol. Inf., and was mustered out late in the same year. He then returned to Steubenville and for about eighteen months was in charge of the card room in the Steubenville Batton Factory, later was connected for three years with the Means Foundry and Machine Works, since when he has been engaged in the tin and heating business, together with other city enterprises. Since 1901, Mr. Frazer has had his son associated with him.

In 1870 Mr. Frazer was married to Miss Josephine Hipsley, who died in July, 1886. They had six children born to them, James, Jessie, Mary, Earl, Gilbert N., and Benjamin. The eldest son, James Frazer, is the senior member of the firm of Frazer & Spence, engaged in a plumbing business at Mingo Junction, Ohio. Jessie is the wife of Frank Miller, of Steubenville. Mary is the wife of Joshua Aldrich, of this city. Earl and Benjamin ar both in the West, the former being connected with railroad work at San Francisco.

Gilbert N. Frazer, of the Frazer Heating Ventilating Company, was born and educated at Steubenville and has been brought up in the business with which he is connected. FOr five years he was with the Wheeling Corrugated Iron Company, was in the business one year at Pittsburgh and later at Martin's Ferry, and then came with his father. In the same year (1901) he was married to Miss Emma J. Culver, of Wheeling, and they have two children: Wilma E. and Angie M. Mr. Frazer and his father are both members of La Belle View Methodist Episcopal Church. He is identified with the Maccabees and his father with the Turners' Society and with E. M. Stanton Post, G. A. R., No. 166.

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