James A. Groves


JAMES A. GROVES, proprietor of the Unionport Flour Mills, at Unionport, Ohio, and a trustee of Wayne Township, Jefferson County, was born in Salem Township, January 19, 1854, and is a son of John and Ellen (Clomen) Groves.

John Groves was born in Franklin County, Ohio, where his father had settled after the close of his service as a soldier in the Revolutionary War. In early manhood John Groves came to Jefferson County and settled in Salem Township where he learned the blacksmith trade with a brother, and he followed the same during his active years, later engaging also in farming. He died in Harrison County when aged about eighty years. He married Ellen Clomen, who was a native of Pennsylvania.

James A. Groves attended the Salem Township schools and gave assistance to his father until his marriage. He worked at carpentry and odd jobs until 1880, when he came to unionport, where he has become a leading citizen. During the first two years here he worked as journeyman carpenter, and then until 1903 as a bridge builder on the Panhandle Railroad, for about twelve years of this time being foreman. He was engaged in this work in 1884, when the Ohio river reached the greatest height of which there is any record, and Mr. Groves was on continous duty from a Thursday morning until the following Saturday at midnight, without rest. He upon one occassion, at a later period, was working on the bridge at New Comerstown, when he was knocked into the turbulent water below. He swam against the stream and got within reach of two of his fellow workmen, who hauled him out. In 1903 he became connected with the flour mill business enterprise and is now proprietor of the Unionport Flour Mills, a very important business enterprise of this section. He manufactured high grade winter wheat flour and corm meal and feed. In large measure he is a self-made man, having been independent as far as financial assistance is concerned, from early youth.

In August, 1874, Mr. Groves was married to Miss Flora B. Krider, who was born in Salem Township, Jefferson County, and two children were born to them: Maggie B., who is the wife of Jesse A. Polen, and they have three children--Harold D., Ella Marie and Charles A., and they live in Unionport, Ohio; and Ora E., who is deceased. Mr. Groves is a member of the Christian Church at Unionport. He is a Republican in his political views and has served in township offices at times, having been assessor of Unionport Precinct, Wayne Township, and in the fall of 1909 was elected township trustee for a term of two years.

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