Hon. John A. Mansfield


HON. JOHN A. MANSFIELD, formerly probate judge of Jefferson County and a prominent member of the Steubenville bar, senior of the firm of Mansfield & Merryman, with offices at No. 327 Market Street, was born September 20, 1854, near Bloomfield, O., and is a son of Jacob Y. and Margaret (Deter) Mansfield.

The Mansfield family in Ohio was founded by the grandfather, Thomas Mansfield, in 1798, who secured the land in Jefferson County which has never since been out of the possession of his descendants. He was a native of Maryland, was twice married, and he reared sixteen of his numerous children. Jacob Y. Mansfield, father of Judge Mansfield, was boen in Wayne Township, Jefferson County, Ohio, and died on the old homestead, July 5, 1871. He was thrice married and had ten children, Judge Mansfield being born to the second union.

Until he was sixteen years of age, John A. Mansfield seldom left the home farm except to attend school, but as he had literary ambitions and a bright intellect, his well-to-do father decided to send him to Hopedale College, where he spent three years. Deciding upon the law as a profession, in October, 1877, the young man entered the law department of the University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, where he was graduated two years later, and in April, 1879, was admitted to the bar. He entered into practice at Steubenville, at first alone, but in April, 1881, he admitted W. C. Ong as a partner, this association lasting for two years. Judge Mansfield's second partner was W. A. Walden, and they continued together for three years, the removal of Mr. Waldon from Steubenville, in 1886, terminating this connection. The election of Mr. Mansfield to the bench in the following year, removed him from private practive for fourteen years. In November, 1887: he was first elected probate judge, and was re-elected in November, 1890. This office he resigned in February, 1892 to become judge of the Common Pleas Court, having been first elected to that position in November, 1891, and re-elected in November, 1896. Judge Mansfield proved his judicial qualities during this long period and returned to his practice at the bar, followed by the confidence and good will of the profession all over the county. In 1906, he formed his present law partnership, and this firm occupies a very prominent place on the Jefferson County Bar, and has sucessfully handled a large amount of the important work of the courts during the past three years. In his political affiliation, Judge Mansfield is a staunch Republican and was presidential elector in the Republican ticket in 1908. On August 30, 1877, Judge Mansfield was married to Miss Nettie Mansfield. They are active members of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Steubenville.

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