James W. Gill


JAMES W. GILL, youngest son of Joseph Gill, was born in Mt. Pleasant, in 1813, and resided there most of his life. He was a large land owner in Jefferson County and also in the West. He was connected with the Mt. Pleasant branch of the State Bank of Ohio, served as a director and was its president of the First National Bank of Mt. Pleasant. He was also a gentleman farmer and engaged extensively in stock raising.

Mr. Gill was esteemed and beloved by all who knew him. He was generous to a fault, always ready to assist the poor and needy, and was widely known as their friend and protector. He died in Topeka, Kansas, in 1889, at the age of seventy-six.

Mt. Pleasant has produced many strong men and women, and the Gills were amongst the most energetic and enterprising families of Jefferson County. During their residence in Mt. Pleasant, it was a very important place in affairs of both Church and State.

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