Joseph B. Doyle


JOSEPH B. DOYLE, born September 10, 1849, is a native of Steubenville, as were his immediate ancestors, and is a descendant on the paternal side of Edward McGuire, son of Constantine McGuire and grandson of James McGuire and Cecelia McNamera Reigh, who resided in County Kerry Ireland, in the 17th century. Edward McGuire who was an officer in the British Army, resigned and came to Philadelphia, thence to Alexandria and Winchester, Va., in 1753. His first wife was Miss Wheeler, of Prince George County, Maryland, to whom were born three sons and two daughters. John, the eldest son married Miss Mary Tipton, and a few years after (1778) joined the George Rogers Clark expedition which reduced the British posts in the Northwest, and secured the Mississippi Valley to the American Union. He died afterwards in Kentucky, and his widow with her family, including her daughter Patience, who had become the wife of Benjamin Doyle, of Loudon County, Virginia, removed from Cumberland, Md., to West Middletown, Pa. Here on April 25, 1794, was born John B., son of Benjamin and Patience Doyle.

The family moved to Jefferson County in 1798, Mr. Doyle settling just west of the present limits of the city of Steubenville, and Mrs. McGuire purchasing what afterwards became the County infirmary farm in Cross Creek township. Both Mrs. McGuire and her son-in-law were earnest members of the Anglo-American Church, and shorly after their arrival arrangements were made with Rev. Joseph Doddridge, located at Charleston, now Wellsburg, to hold regular services at Mrs. McGuire's residence every third Sunday, he having previously held occasional services at Steubenville and elsewhere. This arrangement took effect on December 1, 1800, and ultimately developed into the founding of St. Paul's Church, Steubenville, and St.James's Cross Creek. John B. Doyle who was for many years a prominent resident of Steubenville, married Miss Sarah Cookson, of Gettysburg, Pa. He died June 25, 1873, and his wife followed on January 22, 1882, in her 80th year leaving one son Joseph C. Doyle, who was born September 26, 1823. He was educated unter Dr. Scott at the Grove Academy, became interested in the river business and was agent for the Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railroad (except a few monthsat the Pan Handle) for twenty seven years, until his death, February 24, 1885. On November 30, 1847, he married Eliza A., daughter of Eli McFeely, who died January 7, 1902, leaving one son J.B. Doyle, above mentioned. The latter was graduated at the Steubenville High School and afterwards at the Iron City Commercial College, Pittsburgh, studied law with William A. Walden and was admitted to the bar September 29, 1870. On September 11, 1871, he became city editor of the Daily News, a new journalistic venture and remained with that paper and the Herald through different administrations as managing editor until September 1905. After this he made a second trip of many months abroad, keeping up a correspondence with the Herald, and on his return accepted the position of librarian for the Jefferson County Law Library Association. In addition to this he was engaged in literary work including a memorial review of the life of Hon. E.M. Stanton and the present county history. He is also secretary of the Stanton Monument Association, and Wells Historical Society; member of the Board of Trustees of Union Cemetery, and of Carnegie Library, Ohio Society S.A.R., and Senior Warden of St. Paul's Church.

On the maternal side Mr. Doyle traces his descent from Edward McFeely, who first came to America from Dublin in 1754, and was wounded in the Braddock expedition the following year. He returned to Ireland and married a young lady whose relatives had fought against James II at the Battle of the Boyne. They came to Huntington, Pa., and on August 3, 1775, a son was born, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Elijah Hawk, a Revolutionary commissary at Harper's Ferry. Of this union Eli McFeely was born in 1802, and came with his parents to Steubenville in 1814, where he engaged in manufacturing, and filled several public offices. He married Elizabeth, second daughter of John Ward, one of Steubenville's pioneers, and on October 9, 1823, was born Eliza A., the mother of the subject of this sketch.

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