Hon. Jared Dunbar


HON. JARED DUNBAR, one of Steubenville's most representative citizens, has made this city his home for a period covering forty-three years and during this time has been prominently identified with its professional and political life. He is the Nestor of the Jefferson County bar and is senior member of the law firm of Dunbar & Sweeney, with offices at No. 107 North Third Street, Steubenville. Mr. Dunbar was born in ALbany County, New York, July 30, 1823, and is a son of Alexander and Hannah (Lanfar) Dunbar.
BR> The Dunbar family is of Scotch blood, the grandfather, John Dunbar, coming to America from the Highlands in the early days of pioneer settlement in Albany County, New York, acquiring large tracts of land. Of his five children, Alexander was the youngest. He spent his whole life in Albany County, marrying there and in turn rearing a family of five children and dying in 1836. His widow survived into her eighty-seventh year.

Jared Dunbar remained in Albany County until 1855, coming then to Ohio and taking up the study of law at Cambridge. In January, 1860, he was admitted to the bar and remained for six years at Cambridge engaged in professional work, and then, in 1866, seeking a wider field, came to Steubenville. Here he early became an attorney for the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & St. Louis Railroad, and finding that he had particular talents in this direction, has made more or less of a specialty of railroad law, and as a railroad attorney and authority has few equals in eastern Ohio.

While his first attention has always been given to the claims of his profession, Mr. Dunbar has been continuously an active citizen, and at various times has accepted offices of state, county and civic responsibility. During a term in the state senate he advocated and assisted in bringing about some much needed legislation, and later, as a member of the city council of Steubenville, his intimate knowledge of municipal affairs made his service one of the greatest benefit to the city. He remains prominently identified with the Republican party in Ohio and continues an influential force in the affairs of his city, legal and otherwise.

Mr. Dunbar married Miss Jemima Bates and they had one daughter, Fannie L., who is now the wife of Alexander Sweeney, a prominent citizen and politician at Steubenville. Mr. and Mrs. Sweeney have two children, May and J. R.

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