James H. Cunningham


JAMES H. CUNNINGHAM, who finds farming and stock raising profitable industries in Island Creek Township, where he owns 141 3/4 acres of excellent land, came to this farm in the fall of 1903. He was born in Marion County, West Va., June 4, 1865, and is a son of William N. and Phebe (Ogden) Cunningham, both of whom were born in West Virginia. The mother died there but the father survives and resides in Marion County, being now over seventy years of age.

James H. Cunningham was reared and educated in Marion County and during the entire period of his business life has been interested in agricultural pursuits. He is an enterprising farmer and successful stock raiser and is doing well in the sheep industry. His flock averages 100 sheep and they are all of the Delano variety which he prefers for many reasons.

Mr. Cunningham was married July 4, 1896, to Miss Hannah Cunningham, a daughter of Richard Cunningham, of Marion County, W. Va., and they had four children born to them: Paul, Olive, Walter and Carrie. The beloved mother of these children passed out of life June 11, 1906. She was a woman of many virtues and was a consistent member of the Christian church. Mr. Cunningham takes no very active part in politics, but he always casts his vote with the Democratic party.

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