J. Howard Floyd


J. HOWARD FLOYD, whose fine farm of 111 acres lies in Cross Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio, was born in this township, November 28, 1853, and is a son of John and Catherine (Winters) Floyd. The parents of Mr. Floyd were farming people. The family consisted of the following children: J. C. M., who is a physician; J. Howard; W. E., who is a professor of music; Elizabeth J., who is deceased; Ellsworth; Stephen E.; Emma L.; and Sherman M.

J. Howard Floyd attended the common schools in Cross Creek Township and has devoted his life to agricultural pursuits. His land is well cultivated and renders satisfactory returns for the care given it. Mr. Floyd carries on his operations according to modern methods and is one of the supporters of the local Grange.

On January 22, 1879, Mr. Floyd was married to Miss Margaretta McClelland, a daughter of Rutherford and Sarah (Hamilton) McClelland, who were farming people in Knox Township, where the father died. His burial was in the Knoxville Cemetery. The mother of Mrs. Floyd is yet living and bears well her weight of eighty-five years. Mrs. Floyd is the fourth member of her parent's family of children, the others being: Martha, who married Henry Leatherbury; Mary, who married George E. Smith; Amanda, who married Armstrong McCoy; John; Jennie, who married John Peterson; Elizabeth, who married George Swan; William H., and Charles H. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd have two children: Mary Emma and Agnes H. Mr. Floyd and wife belong to the Cross Creek United Presbyterian Church. In politics, he is a Republican, and has frequently been elected to township offices and in all cases has proven acceptable to his fellow citizens. At present he is land assessor of the township clerk, for four years township trustee, and for six years a member of the school board.

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