John Quinn


JOHN QUINN, president of the First National Bank of Mingo Junction, Ohio, and also president of the school board, is master mechanic in the Canegie Steel Company's mills at this place, and is one of the town's leading citizens. He was born at Belfast, Ireland, November 17, 185O, ld is a Son of Hugh and Jane (Odgers) Quinn, both of whom died in Ireland. They had three sons, John, Buzzie and Hugh, of whom Buzzie and Hugh are deceased. Both John and Hugh came to America.

John Quinn attended school at Belfast and subsequently worked as a compositor in the office of the Bellfast News Letter until coming to America in 1870. After reaching Cleveland, O., he secured work as a printer in the office of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, but before accepting that position definitely he found more satisfactory work and wages as a fireman with the Cleveland Rolling Mill Company, and within a few months had commenced to learn the machinists' trade, for which he had a natural aptitude. In the fall of 1872 he went to Martin's Ferry and began work in the machine shops of Culbertson & Wiley. Later he worked as machinist for the Top Mill and also at Sweeney's Foundry and Machine Shop, North Wheeling, also two years for the Bellaire Nail Company, at Bellaire, O., after which he returned to Martin's Ferry, where, for two and a half years he had charge of the machinery, as master mechanic, for the Benwood Iron Works Company. From there Mr. Quinn came to Mingo Junction, and for eighteen months was master mechanic to Martin's Ferry. In 1880 he made a visit to Ireland, but without any intention of remaining in his native land, having achieved a reasonable success in the country of his adoption, where he had made hosts of business and personal friends.

On his return from Ireland Mr. Quinn went to work as master mechanic for the Riverside Iron Company at Benwood, W. Va., where he continued until August, 1882. He then returned to Mingo Junction and as a master mechanic was identified with the Junction Iron Works until it was succeeded by the Laughlin Junction Iron and Steel Company, later the Junction Iron and Steel Company, the Aetna Standard Iron and Steel Company and the National Steel Company, at present being master mechanic for the Carnegie plant. In addition to his responsibilities in connection with these great industrial interests, Mr. Quinn has found time and opportunity to interest himself in other enterprises, and since 1902 he has been president of the First National Bank of Mingo Junction, a prosperous financial institution of Jefferson County. He has been an active and public spirited citizen wherever he has lived and since locating permanently at Mingo Junction has invested in property here and identified himself definitely with the development of the place. He is serving as president of the school board, of which he has been a member for fifteen years, and in this capacity, as in all others, his good judgment and business foresight have been valuable to his fellow citizens. He was one of the original organizers of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Mingo Junction, of which he is a member and is serving on its official board, being trustee, steward and class leader and also treasurer.

On December 4, 1874, Mr. Quinn was married to Miss Martha J. Carmichal, a daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Carmichal, of Martin's Ferry, and they have six children, namely: Robert S. an assistant master mechanic, who married Mary V. Litten and had one child, Robert; Jennie O., who is the wife of T. M. Pelley, the leading druggist at Mingo Junction; Herbert L., foreman in a machine shop at Mingo Junction, who married Bessie Priest and has one child, John; Elizabeth S., who is a student, attending Morgantown University, and Mary L. and Martha C., residing at home. Mr. Quinn and family have an attractive home on Steuben Street. In his political views he is a Republican. He is not identified with fraternal organizations, but is a liberal dispenser of charity and is justly valued and esteemed by his fellow citizens.

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