John Yocum


JOHN YOCUM, who has been engaged in the ice business for more than forty years, is a venerable and highly respected citizen of Steubenville. He was born in Jefferson County, Ohio, April 19, 1831, on what is known as the Ephraim Cable farm in Island Creek Township. His father, also John Yocum, was born in Reading, Pa., and came among the early settlers to Jefferson County. He married Sarah Davis and they became parents of eleven children, six daughters and five sons, of whom three are now living: Hannah Priest, of Columbus, O.; John; and Silas, of Steubenville.

John Yocum, subject of this record, was reared in Island Creek Township and still owns the old home farm there. Early in life he conducted a milk business and later was engaged as a marble polisher for five years. He then embarked in the ice business which he has carried on with unvarying success for over forty years. Mr. Yocum was married in 1853 to Miss Eliza Whitson, who died in 1892, leaving six children: Mrs. Josiah Myers; Charles B.; Anna, wife of William E. Bevan; John W.; Louisa, widow of Edward McCormick; and Walter W. Yocum. Mr. Yocum was married a second time in 1897, to Miss Belle Jacobs, who was born in Virginia and is a daughter of David Jacobs, who removed from Virginia to Brooke County, West Virginia, where he engaged in farming until his death. Mr. and Mrs. Yocum are devout members of the Christian church.

The photos were contributed by:Danice Ryan The ice wagon photo is of John W., the subjects son and the other photo is of the ice business.

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