Louis Hummel


LOUIS HUMMEL, of Dillonvale was a native of Germany along with his wife Mary (Wagoner). They first came to the United States and settled at Brookside, Ohio; from there they moved to Wheeling, W. Va., and five years later to Dillonvale, Ohio, where they lived for the past nine years. Mr and Mrs Hummel had the following children born to them: Anna, who is the wife of Joseph Sweitzer, of Bellaire, O.; John, who resides at Maynard, O; Louis, who is also in business at Maynard; Mary, who is the wife of James Beranek, of Brookside, Belmont County; Fred, who lives at Dillonvale; Albina, who is the wife of Fred Steffel, of Dillonvale; Rose, who is the widow of Jasper N. Richardson; and Joseph, who resides with his parents.

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