Louis N. McDaniel


LOUIS NAPOLEON McDANIEL, superintendent and operator of the Standard Fire Brick Company's plant at Irondale, Ohio, was born in Mason County, W. Va., February 11, 1866, son of Henry and Samantha (Caldwell) McDaniel. His parents had a family of ten children, the brothers and sisters of the subject of this sketch being as follows: C. R. and Henry McDaniel, who are residents of East Liverpool, Ohio; M. J. McDaniel, who resides in Birmingham, Ala.; Robert and James, who are deceased; Mrs. Sarah Sturgeon, of Upland, W. Va.l and Fannie, who died unmarried. Louis N. McDaniel came to Ohio when he was sixteen years old, having by that time completed the public school course. Then, having first learned the carpenter's trade, he went into the lumber business, but at the age of twenty-four years returned to West Virginia. Most of his life thus far has been spent in Ohio and West Virginia, though he has traveled as far south as Alabama and Texas and as far west as Chicago, in connection with his line of work. He has been engaged in the fire brick manufacturing industry for the last fifteen years and is a thoroughly experienced man in his line. In 1901 he came to Irondale and erected the present plant of the Standard Fire Brick Company from his own designs, and he has since resided here, with the exception of six months spent in the South. He has also superintended the building of a number of other plants and he drew up the plans and superintended the building of the plant of the Eastern Ohio Sewer Pipe Company. The plant at Irondale turns out a fine grade of fire brick and has a capacity of 200 tons daily, employing thirty-five men. It is situated on the North Fork of Yellow Creek and has fine transportation facilities. Mr. McDaniel was married in 1886 at Wellsburg, W. Va., to Miss Mary E. Wilson, who was born and reared near Hammondsville, Jefferson County, Ohio, her parents being George and Angeline (Groves) Wilson. Mrs. McDaniels died May 20, 1907. She had borne her husband five children: Doris, Corliss, Beatrice, Jewell and Lewis Leland, all of whom are now living except Corliss. Mr. McDaniel is a member of the Christian Church. In his political views he is a Democrat.

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