M. Keane


M. KEANE, of the firm of M. Keane & Sons, proprietors of the largest and most complete retail grocery store in the Ohio Valley, with commodious quarters at Nos. 134-135 South Third Street, Steubenville, has been a resident of this city for forty-five years and is well known all through Jefferson County as a reliable man of business. He was born in Ireland in 1846 and came to America and reached Steubenville in 1865.

Mr. Keane occupied himself during his first few years in various public works, and in 1876 he embarked in the grocery business in the same block in which he is now located. Business conditions at that time were somewhat unsettled on account of the long period of civil strife just being concluded, and Mr. Keane had only a limited capital to start on. He had business qualities, however, of a high order, as was demonstrated by the success that attended his efforts and continued year after year, until he has built up his present large business. His three-story brick building, with dimensions of 44 by 115, with basement, is stocked with seasonable goods and a complete line of staple and fancy groceries, giving evidence of the large amount of patronage at his command. He has associated with him in business his four older sons, and they are all well educated, practical young men.

Mr. Keane married Miss Margaret Reidy, who was also born in Ireland, and they have five sons and one daughter: Thomas J., James S., Robert L., Harry A., Charles A., and Mary, the last names being the wife of Dr. W. R. Shannon, a dental surgeon at Steubenville. Mr. Keane and family are members of the Holy Name Catholic Church, and he and sons are all members of the Knights of Columbus, and belong also to the Steubenville Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Keane is a member of the board of trustees of the Carnegie Library.

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