Oliver C. Gray


OLIVER C. GRAY, who was born on Market Street, Steubenville, on January 21, 1821, was a collateral descendant of Thomas Gray, the English poet, whose Elegy in a Country Churchyard will be a standard as long as the English language exists. He finished his education at the Grove Academy in 1838 and taught school at Knoxville, studied law at Cincinnati, was admitted to the bar at Cleveland and returned to Steubenville, where he began the practice of law. On the outbreak of the Mexican War he became the first lieutenant of the Steubenville Greys. He remained here until 1849 when he moved West, and died at Ottawa, Ill., on July 31, 1871. He attained a high reputation as an orator and writer on general subjects but it was as a poet that he merits special consideration. His works were collected by his nephew, the late David G. Fickes, into a neat little volume containing some artistic gems.

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