O. Johnston Liggett


O. JOHNSTON LIGGETT, a highly respected retired citizen of Steubenville, residing in his comfortable home at No. 325 South Fourth Street, has lived here since 1831, in fact has seen a country town develop into a busy city with trade connections all over the world. Mr. Liggett as born in Washington County, Pa., in 1828, and was a little child when his parents came to establish the home in Steubenville.

Mr. Liggett was put to work in the woolen mill just as soon as his limited school period was over and remained there until he went into steam engineering and for nine years more or less he followed that work. FOr two years more he traveled through the country setting up machines, after which he started a jobbing wholesale notion business, supplying country towns and was thus occupied for six years. It was about this time that many of the turnpike roads were being built and he then turned his attention to work of that kind, taking contracts for it. Later he drifted into general contracting, which he continued until his retirement from active business life. Mr. Liggett has many interesting reminiscences of early days in Steubenville. He has noted the changes that have taken place here since his boyhood, and he himself, in his active years, had a part in effecting many of the material improvements.

In 1879 Mr. Liggett was married to Miss Catherine Hukill, who was born in Jefferson County, and died in September, 1908. Their one daughter, Jessie M., is the widow of William R. Pritchard, who died in October 1901. For more than forty years Mr. Liggett has been an Odd Fellow.

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