P. H. Bailey


P. H. BAILEY, a member of the Steubenville Chamber of Commerce and concerned largely in the business interests of Steubenville, in the wholesaling of gran and seeds, has been a resident of this city for four years. He was born in 1864 at Philadelphia, Pa. where he was educated and remained until he was twenty-four years of age.

In 1888 Mr. Bailey went to Milwaukee, Wis., and was engaged in the grain business there for eight years and subsequently was a commercial traveler from that city until he came to Steubenville in 1905. Here he secured offices in the National Exchange Building and deals extensively, shipping both in and out of Steubenville, selling entirely bu wholesale, grain, flour, feed, seeds, hay and straw in car load lots, being the only exclusive dealer in this line at Steubenville. His dealings amount to a large sum annually and are so carefully regulated as to the condition of the market, that Mr. Bailey has gained the reputation of being a shrewd and far-seeing business man. He is a Knight Templar Mason. He was reared in the Presbyterian Church.

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