Robert L. Ervin


ROBERT L. ERVIN, superintendent of the public schools of Steubenville, and one of the leading educators of the State of Ohio, was born in Jackson County, Ohio, in 1868. Prof. Ervin was reared in Jackson County and was educated at the Ohio State University and Yale University. He began his work as a teacher in the country schools. For fourteen years he was associated with the Wellston schools, first as teacher in the grades and then as principle, assistant superintendent, and later, superintendent. From there he wwent to Defiance, Ohio, where he was principle of the public schools and also occupied the chair of History and Economics in Defiance, Ohio, where he was principle of the public schools and also occupied the chair of History and Economics in Defiance College. Mr. Ervin then entered Yale University and there won his degree of A. M., receiving it in 1907; also D. Sci. (Hon), June, 1910, from Defiance College. During the time he was in the East he thoroughly studied the school systems of many of the eastern cities, visiting New York, Boston, Hartford and Springfield, Mass. In 1907, he accepted the responsible office which he still holds at Steubenville, coming well qualified and achieving a very large measure of success in the years he has been here. In June, 1910, he was unanimously chosen for a term of two years, ending September, 1912. He is a born educator, an enthusiast in his profession and gives his best efforts to the building of the schools of which he has charge, continually raising the standards and through his example, encouragement and thorough methods training students to reach them. The schools at Steubenville under his jurisdiction have an enrollment of ninety-two teachers and 2,900 pupils. He is a member of the State and the National Educational Associations and all their sectional branches. He not only is a welcome contributor to educational journals, but is also an author, his Teachers' Outline of American History, being a standard work.

In 1894, Prof. Ervin was married to Miss Mary Stewart, who, at that time also was a teacher. They have two children: Orne L., and Karlene E. The family belongs to the Hemline Methodist Episcopal Church, Mr. Ervin being on its official board. He is identified with the Knights of Pythias and the Masons, having attained the 32nd degree in the latter fraternity.

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