Roswell Marsh


ROSWELL MARSH, was born at Queechy, Vt., in 1793, and came to Steubenville in 1821. He studied law with General Stokely, and was admitted in 1823. He practiced law here for fifty years, his white locks and venerable appearance making him a conspicuous object in his later days. In 1840 he was elected to the legislature and served one term. He volunteered at the outbreak of the war, but his age and infirmities prevented the acceptance of his services. He was afterwards appointed on a commission to investigate claims for losses sustained in Missouri during the rebellion. His first wife was Mrs. George Wilson, of Steubenville. He survived his second wife about three years, dying on August 17, 1875. His residence on the northwest corner of North and Seventh streets was long considered one of the stately homes of the city.

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