Stephen E. Adkins


Stephen E. Adkins, hardware merchant and plumber, doing a very prosperous business at Mingo Junction, Ohio, was born at Point Pleasant, W. Va., April 7, 1863, and is a son of Spencer and Caroline (Glover) Adkins.

Spencer Adkins was born at Roanoke, Va., where he was educated in the profession of civil engineer. In the line of business he assisted in laying out the town of Point Pleasant, W. Va., and was so pleased with the situation that he located there. He died February 1, 1891, aged sixty-one years. He married Caroline Glover, who survives him. They had the following children born to them: Mary, (deceased), who was the wife of Capt. W. D. Holmes, commander of a vessel on the Ohio River; John, who is in business at Wheeling as a manufacturer; Bettie, who married William Crothers; Sarah, who married William Greenley, a prominent business man of Charlestown, W. Va.; Rose, who is the widow of George Kiser; and Stephen E.

Stephen E. Adkins was reared at Point Pleasant and during boyhood attended school four months each year. He was ambitious to learn a good trade and was only thirteen when he started to work in a tinner's establishment. As soon as he completed the usual apprenticeship, he opened a shop of his own at Point Pleasant, and then learned the plumbing trade. Thus equipped with two excellent trades, Mr. Adkins came as a very desirable citizen to Mingo Junction, moving his stock to this place in September, 1901, and opening a store in the McLister Building, on Commercial Street. In October, 1909, he came to his present excellent location on Commercial Street, opposite the public school building, and added a full stock of hardware and paints, and builder's supplies. He owns seven pieces of good property at Mingo Junction in addition to his three-story brick block which he built on Commercial Street.

Mr. Adkins was married October 29, 1884, to Miss Maggie E. Hysell, a daughter of Curt Hysell, of Point Pleasant, W. Va., and they have two children: Oscar E., who managed the plumbing end of the business, having learned the trade with his father, before he established his own plumbing shop on Fourth Street, Steubenville; and Oca, who is the wife of Ralph Porter, a leading grocer of Mingo Junction. Mr. and Mrs. Porter have one daughter, Ella Deborah. Mr. Adkins and wife reside in the Adkins block. In politics he is a Democrat and has taken quite an active part in public matters. In 1909 his party nominated him for county commissioner and he failed of election by but 188 votes, having run far ahead of his ticket and carried Steubenville by sixteen votes. Mr. Adkins is a member of the Knights of Pythias and the Modern Woodmen.

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