Samuel S. Dean


SAMUEL SPEAR DEAN, who has been a resident of Jefferson County, Ohio, since 1873, is a representative business man of Mingo Junction. He was born April 8, 1857, at Wheeling, W. Va., on what is now called Thirty-first Street, but at that time had the pleasanter name of La Belle Street. His parents were William and Isabella (Griffin) Dean.

William Dean was born in England and came to America in early manhood, settling in Pennsylvania. He was a brick layer by trade, and after he married he went to Pittsburgh and from there to Wheeling, W. Va., where he became connected with the iron industry, and was one of the organizers of the La Belle Iron Works at Wheeling and lived there until 1873, when he came to Mingo Junction. He helped to organize the old Mingo Iron Works and served as vice president of the company until they were closed in 1878. His death occurred here in 1888, when he was sixty-four years of age. He married Isabella Griffin, who survives, and they had four children born to them: C. William, who is postmaster at Mingo Junction; George, who resides at Steubenville; Samuel Spear; and Estella, who is the wife of H. A. Risher, of Mingo Junction.

Samuel S. Dean attended the public schools of Wheeling and later the Steubenville High School, after which he entered the office of the Mingo Iron Works, where he remained as a clerk for one year. In the meanwhile, by study he prepared himself for other lines and then became stationary engineer in the Mingo Iron Works, subsequently being employed in the nail factory for eight years. He then turned his attention to the lumber business, in partnership with H. A. Risher, at Mingo Junction, after which he served as assistant superintendent at the blast furnace. In 1901, Mr. Dean retired from the more or less laborious work that he had followed so long in the iron and steel industry and later became bookkeeper in the First National Bank at Mingo Junction and during a part of his connection with that financial institution extending from 1904 until 1909, he also served as vice-president. He has acquired considerable property, including a beautiful residence on Clifton Avenue, and all the business in which he continues to be interested is in the line of real estate and insurance, his dealings in realty having proved satisfactory to himself for many years as well as to his patrons. Mr. Dean is a Republican in his political views and for years served as treasurer of Mingo Junction. He is a Knight Templar Mason and belongs to the Blue Lodge, Chapter, Council and Commandery, all at Steubenville.

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