William Francy


WILLIAM FRANCY, who has resided in Toronto, O., since 1869, has been practically identified with the clay industry all his life and is manager of all the plants of the American Sewer Pipe Company, of the Ohio Valley. Mr. Francy was born at New Cumberland, W. Va., in 1857, and is a son of John Francy, a former capitalist and prominent citizen of this section.

William B. Francy was small when the family moved to Jefferson County, Ohio, but a few years later returned to West Virginia. Mr. Francy came back to Toronto in 1869 and went to work in the business which had been established by his father. Prior to the organization of the American Sewer Pipe Company, the Toronto plant No. 14 was known as the John Francy plant. William B. Francy has been identified with this plant ever since 1873 and for many years was superintendent of it and for some years has been the manager of all the Ohio Valley plants of this coporation. The business is one of vast extent and of great importance to this part of Ohio.

Mr. Francy married Miss Jennie G. McFerren and they have five children, Dora, Jay, John, Donald and Beatrice. Two others, William and Louise, died in infancy. Mr. Francy has been identified with public affairs as well as with business concerns at Toronto, and in January, 1908, vacated the office of mayor of the city. He is a thirty second degree Mason.

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