William Carpenter Sr. & Jr.


WILLIAM CARPENTER SR. & JR., the first indictment for murder in this county was against William Carpenter Sr., and Jr., father and son for killing Captain White Eyes, son of the Delaware chief of that name at West Point now in Columbiana County. The junior Carpenter, who was but seventeen years of age, it is claimed was attacked by White Eyes, who was drunk, and raised his tomahawk with the apparent intention of assaulting him. The boy ran with the Indian after him, when the boy turned and shot him. The father was arrested for aiding and abetting the killing. There is a tradition that the case was tried and the Carpenters acquitted, but there is no record of the trial, and a nolle was probably entered. White Eyes was the last Indian killed in Jefferson County, and fearing that his death would cause trouble among the Indians, presents were given to friends of deceased, and three hundred dollars to his wife, Bezaleel Wells being one of the donors. The original copy of the indictment was preserved by the late Capt. W. A. Walden.

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