William H. Calderhead


WILLIAM H. CALDERHEAD, who conducts a general merchantile business at York, Ohio and owns a valuable farm of 134 acres located near the town, in Smithfield Township, Jefferson County was born on a farm in Harrison County, Ohio near the salt works which his father was operating at that time, July 16, 1844. His parents were William T. and Nancy (McLaughlin) Calderhead.

William T. Calderhead was born in Belmont County, Ohio in 1808 and was a son of Rev. Alexander Calderhead, who was born in Scotland and who, when he came to America in 1800 was a yong man. He was the founder of the Piney Fork Church in Jefferson County, Ohio. Later he bought a farm in Belmont County and there his death occurred in 1812. His family consisted of five children: John, William T., Eliza (Blair), Margaret A. (Howard) and E. B., the last named being a minister. All are long since deceased.

William T. Calderhead remained on the farm in Belmont County until 1840, when he came to Jefferson County and erected the first house in Adena, on that still stands in the village. In 1852 he moved to Hurford, in Harrison County, where he died in 1873. He was twice married, his first wife being Letitia Bickham, of Belmont County. SHe left two children at death, namely: Margaret, now deceased, who was the wife of Peter Hixson; and John B., who is also deceased. Mr. Calderhead's second marriage was to Nancy McLaughlin, who was born in 1807, and died in 1882. Her parents, John and Anna (Johnson) McLaughlin, came from Pennsylvania to Jefferson County. John McLaughlin was a man of much prominence and no little enterprise. He owned the land in Smithfield Township on which the town of Adena was built and gave the place its pleasant name. He was a strong Whig and later a Republican and served for sixteen years as a member of the Legislature. His death occurred in 1861. Mrs. Calderhead was the third of his family of ten children, the others being: William; James; John; Samuel; Polly, wife of Thomas Hamilton; Eliza, wife of G. McMillen; Margaret A., wife of John Hagan; Jane, wife of Kinney McLaughlin; and Catherine, wife of Robert Hagan, all now deceased. To William T. Calderhead and wife the following children were born: Letitia, William H., Samuel M. and Joseph . Letitia, who is now deceased, was the wife of T. H. Kerr.

William H. Calderhead was a child when hsi parents came to Adena and his whole subsequent life, with the exception of the perios from 1867 until 1870, which was spent in Iowa, has been passed in Jefferson County. After completing his school attendance in his youth he engaged in teaching and for twenty years followed that occupation through the winters and farming during the summers. Prior to 1900 his farm work was sone on the share system. In that year he bought his property from B. Beebe and placed in charge his son, Rillis G., who carries on general farming. Mr. Calderhead continues to give his main attention to his store in York, where he also resides, having conducted this business here for a number of years (under the administration of President Cleveland) served as postmaster.

On September 26, 1867, Mr. Calderhead was married to Miss Margaret E. McMillen, who was born in Harrison County, Ohio a daughter of Griffith McMillen and they have four children, namely: William A., a ranch owner and merchant in Idaho, who married Florabell Jones; Archie L., an attorney at law, residing in Iowa, who married Bessie Gallagher; Rillis G., who is the home farmer; and Gertrude. Mr. and Mrs. Calderhead are members of the Piney Fork United Presbyterian Church that was founded by his grandfather in 1800. In his political views he is a Democrat and is serving very usefully as a member of the township school board. This is one of the representative and leading families of Smithfield Township.

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