William J. Alexander


WILLIAM J. ALEXANDER, owner of a planing-mill at No. 131 North Seventh Street, Steubenville, O., and a dealer in lumber, slate and all kinds of roofing, doors, sash and all interior furnishings, spouting, mantles and tile, does a large amount of business and is numbered with the representative and reliable businessmen of this city. His establishment is the oldest of its kind in the county, having been founded in 1873. He was born in Steubenville in 1867.

Moses Alexander, father of William J., was born in Ireland and came to America in 1855 and to Steubenville in 1857. Here he embarked in a wholesale grocery business which he conducted until 1873. He then went into the lumber business in which he continued until within two years of his death, which occurred in 1898. He was a man of business probity and was well known all through this section.

William J. Alexander was afforded excellent advantages in the Steubenville schools and then went into the lumber business with his father, with whom he continued until 1895, when he assumed the entire charge. In 1905, he erected his fine planing-mill, equipping it with modern machinery and giving employment to a number of first class workmen. In October, 1895, Mr. Alexander was married to Miss Mary Kennedy, and they have two children, William J., and Mary Myers. Mr. Alexander and wife are members of the United Presbyterian Church. He is a valued member of the Chamber of Commerce.

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