William M. Grafton


WILLIAM M. GRAFTON, an extensive real estate dealer of Steubenville, O., is identified with the LaBelle Land Company, and numerous building projects. He has been a resident of this city nine years and is widely known. Mr. Grafton was born in New Cumberland in 1861, and was twelve years of age when his family moved to Bellaire, O. There he completed his schooling and early in life learned the glass-making trade. He was engaged in that business for a period of twenty-five years, and then turned his attention to the real estate business. Upon coming to Steubenville in 1901, he became identified with the LaBelle Land Company, with which he has continued ever since. He is a man of good business qualifications, resourceful and enterprising, and has been active in the development of the city. Mr. Grafton was formerly active in politics, but in recent years has taken little interest. In 1882 he was married to Miss Sophia M. Ingler, a native of Jefferson County, and they have four children: Nellie, Mabel, William and Georgiana. Religiously, they are members of the Methodist Protestant church. Mr. Grafton is a member of the Junior Order United American Mechanics.

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